The Awesome Suzanne Harrington with her Top Selling on Amazon Book - my own signed hardcopy today as I write this blog post!

The Awesome Suzanne Harrington with her Top Selling on Amazon Book – my own signed hardcopy!

Ever since I have started my business some years ago, I have always heard every man & women with their respective cat & dog tell me “Oh Ed, I am going to write a book.  You also suck too in that you haven’t written on yet, and I am so much better than you!”

Well, some years on most of those people who told me that are back at work full time and never carried through on their banal promises of writing their book.

BUT today I feel just awesome.  I have been very lucky to be working with Suzanne Harrington from Pinnacle TMS.  She is a Trademark Specialist who has written a Top Amazon Seller “Trademarking your Business”.

I purchased her book by Kindle last night and got a hard copy from her today and I was impressed at it’s brilliant simplicity.  The thing that got me is “Wow, she is one of the few that actually has written a book and it’s been successful!”

As a Blogger, you may notice I am a bit dark on book writing.  As my Blogging & Online Product Sales have got some great traction now, I am not too spooked about not having a book and I think the many people talking the big game (and not delivering) has made me think pretty much “Ehh” on that topic.

However, Suzanne’s book is actually really good. It’s a simple short read that skips all the junk and just answers peoples questions.  This has got me thinking to a broader question of why do so many people talk about things but never do them?

If you meet Suzanne, it’s pretty easy to figure out why.  She is quite a dedicated, focused and determined individual that you can tell knows what she is doing.  If I reflect on all those “Ding-Bats” over the years who told me that I suck and they are going to write the next Twilight Series (only to go back to work 10 months later) – they are the opposite of Suzanne.

Their knowledge is questionable, their commitment raises more concern than confidence and more importantly – you know they aren’t “Deep Down” motivated by their own topic they are talking.

Suzanne reinforced some great lessons to me today in her own success and in terms of being a successful Technical Amazon Author:

– Believe in what you do.

– Only announce stuff that you are going to do.

– If you are going to write a book, then make it awesome.

– Let your passion and love for your topic come out with powerful wording!

So great lesson today learned from a great business woman.

And speaking of great lessons if you love my ideas, rants and thinking – you may certainly love my Online Educational Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault”.  Instant Access to some Top Sales & Marketing Ideas friends!

Happy days / nights people and speak soon! Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Blogger!



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