The dynamic Yolande Garrick who inspired this blog post.  We had an amazing chat about Blogging, Facebook and Online - got me reflecting on what I am doing and spilling the beans!

The dynamic Yolande Garrick who inspired this blog post. We had an amazing chat about Blogging, Facebook and Online – got me reflecting on what I am doing and spilling the beans!

I was very lucky to meet with an awesome colleague from a previous life today, the amazing Yolande Garrick.  I ironically met her after I got washed up in the Global Financial Crisis and I was working hard to get back on my feet.

Today was on a positively different note, I was catching up and learning about her great adventures and at the same time we had a great conversation about my own Blogging Experience, my Facebook Results and of course Selling my Own Online Products.

Obviously it’s not hard for me to convince you that blogging works, as if you are reading this – it means it does, so yay! x x

Where I was more going with this article was talking more strategically how I am growing my own business using Online and also how I am developing myself as an “Online Marketer / Blogger” per se.  In telling all my secrets now for the awesome world to see, here is how I am doing it and what I often suggest to others to do. Even though I am a Marketing Guy, you can apply this to many professions – be it you are a Coach, Mentor, Fitness Person, Accountant or whatever the case maybe:

1) Blog and Content: A great online campaign in my book is not just selling your stuff all the time.  You firstly have to create something and give something first, then you can sell your products.  For example, in this blog I am giving out free awesome content and will invite you at the bottom to purchase my awesome marketing vault.  You can see my main blog gallery page right here. 

2) Facebook & Social Media: If you visit my Business Facebook Page right here, and flick back it won’t take you long to see how I have promoted my blog through my Facebook Page.  This is not only to make my Facebook community enticing, but also to pull people back to my website here.  As I wrote this article on Thursday, 10th July 2014 – if you say go down to that date – you may see the actual post I did of this article.

3) Build Online Engagement: Sure, I have almost 3000 Facebook Likes and a massive database at the time of writing this article but as I do regular content (at least daily) they are engaged! This is very important as through regular content they are “Emotionally Connected” to you.  Helps you sell easier!

4) 80 to 90% Value – 10% Selling: Of course I am in business and love making money.  BUT, I love making money out of helping people and letting people buy if and when THEY ARE READY – with no bull or hype.  You can tell by most of my work – always give first.

5) Offering my products: In that 10% Selling, it can be for my Online Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault”, My Personal Mentoring, 4Networking or whatever.

6) Content all the time: Continual engagement with great content and I never stop!

7) Growing and driving a positive community: The more I grow the community, the more receptive it becomes and the more it grows itself! I love it for sure.

So in short, that is the 7 x Secrets about what I am doing Online from a Strategic Perspective.  There is way more to it, but I hope that little overview helps you out big time.

And like all things, if you like the way I think – make sure you do check out that “Awesome Marketing Vault” – top Online Sales & Marketing Education right there!

Thank you again to Yolande Garrick for the inspiration to write this blog – and love having out with top business women like her.

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor, Blogger and Man who loves writing articles at 10:46PM!



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