Webinars! Yes I love them and especially if you are in the Training, Consulting, Mentoring and Coachey Game - it's a brilliant means of sharing content!

Webinars! Yes I love them and especially if you are in the Training, Consulting, Mentoring and Coachey Game – it’s a brilliant means of sharing content!

I had a great meeting this morning in the Finance District of Sydney CBD with Jo Attard.  I quite like her style and from her former life she was a Human Resources Director (and I was at the Marketing Director level in my old days as well).  As we spoke today, up came the topic of Webinars.

If you know me in the real world or have followed me online for a while, you have probably figured out that I am a massive fan of Webinars.  In very simple terms, they are basically “Online Seminars” (i.e. Web + Seminar = Webinar) which you can use to invite people to join you in information sharing, content and the like.

As Coaches, Consultants, Mentors and the like – running Seminars / Webinars in one form or another are quite a common practice.  This can be in terms of running Free Webinars to help give value and promote ones service, right through to delivering your premium ideas and content through Webinars.  Personally with my Online Product Mix, I have never charged for Webinars – but one could if say Online deliver is your primary means of speaking to your market.

I think webinars are great and for the little cost of $150 / Month for the Citrix GoToWebinar Software and the technology, there are a payload of benefits:

1) Very Easy to Scale: Be it 1 or 50 people on your webinar, it’s the same amount of work and very easy to build on.

2) Great means of delivering content: You can do it from the comfort of your own home and people can listen in as well.

3) Very low cost: Real Seminars can be costly and webinars are super cheap as above.

4) Recording: You can record your content for distribution through your blog and future use – great for training.

5) Getting New Leads + Rewarding Clients: A great webinar can get you clients and it’s a great way of looking after your existing clients.

6) People love them: Many are quite receptive to them and it’s a common means of sharing content.  People can even access content from their mobile phones which is great.

7) Makes you the expert: If you are holding webinars, then you know what you are doing.  Right? (I think so at least x x).

So there you go and I am not even an affiliate for Citrix / GoToWebinar who I think are totally wonderful and have helped my business come a long way (love those guys!).

I trust that helps friends and if you like the way I think, then you will love my Online Educational Resource “The Awesome Marketing Vault” – available right here for instant access!

Thank you and Happy Webinaring from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Online Man of Mystery!



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