Chris Waters - Mild Mannered, Soft Spoken and Brilliant.  This Fellow always asks me through provoking type of questions and inspires some fine blog posts!

Chris Waters – Mild Mannered, Soft Spoken and Brilliant. This Fellow always asks me through provoking questions and inspires some fine blog posts!

Being my first day back after an amazing Business Trip, I was very lucky to meet the Technically Brilliant and Good-Natured Chris Waters (from Watershed Creative) this morning.

I have known Chris for several years in the Sydney Business Scene, introduced him to many people and seen some of his great quality work first hand.  During our discussion today, he asked one brilliant question that not only inspired me writing this article – but stirred up emotions I have felt personally in my business previously.

Like I reference in my Online Course, “The Awesome Marketing Vault” – in Small Business Marketing one can be very quickly overwhelmed in the many options one has to Market their own business.

Chris asked a very prominent common question:

“With all these opportunities out there, how do I judge what to do and get my work done?”

The reality is that we cannot Market 100% of the time (as we have work to do!) and there is no way many businesses can successfully do more than say 3 – 5 different strategies.  The way I originally trained myself how to better use my time and work out what to do next was to judge everything I did in my business in a scale of “1 to 10”.

That is, if say an action was pointless and destructive, I would rate it “1”.  If an action was say “5” it didn’t hurt me, but didn’t really help me either.  If an action was “10” it was brilliant, made me money and I was happy.

That is, when I was calibrating my “Commercial Brain” everything was about me gauging what is great to do and what I should try and avoid / minimize as much as possible.  Last year for example, I was spending time helping some people that really took advantage of me.  I spent hours helping these people, only to find they were laughing at me and when 2014 hit – I basically told them to either help me or move on.  As they finished using me, they moved on.  I was glad with that!

Chris on the other hand, working with him is a “10 / 10” type of experience, so I want more and more of that.  Another example is me Leading at 4Networking. It takes time, but I love it, it helps people and it makes me great money so why not?

My advice? Start questioning everything you are doing and give it score of 1 to 10 / 10 in terms of it’s Commercial Viability for you.  Then ask yourself “Why?” and make sure you aren’t having low value things / people suck your time and you can give the right things the love and attention they deserve.

I hope that helps and speaking of Love and Attention, I would soo love you to buy my Online Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” – Instant Access and I put 10 / 10 love into it x x

Thank you to Chris Waters and thank you to to you for taking the time to read this.

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Fan of Chris!



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