It was tough staying healthy when I was working overseas for a few weeks but I did it overall.  I even said no to Fookien Awesome Food at times!

It was tough staying healthy when I was working overseas for a few weeks but I did it overall. I even said no to Fookien Awesome Food at times!

This is a topic that many are going to say “Finally, I am so glad Edward is speaking this way”.  During my Life-Changing and Business-Enhancing Trip to the United Kingdom I learnt many amazing things that I am already augmenting my business with.

One important key area of was “The Importance of Health in Business”.  On the surface, I doubt very few would disagree with what I am saying here.  But if any of you are like I once was, I would predict that only say 20% of people reading this article can claim they are at “Full Health” and in the best physical condition they can be.  I am quite happy with myself these days, however when I started my business I was Overweight, Stressed Out and didn’t look good – and come on? Would anyone do business with anyone like that?

It was so true for me.  The moment I lost my weight and started looking / acting the part, my Sales Conversion went through the Roof!

For example, as I am healthy and confident I ask for the Sale More.  So make sure you check out my fine Online Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” right here.  See I did it x x

Anyway going back to my argument and not selling you stuff for the moment (come on, it’s awesome though) consider the opposing argument.  I once met this really nice man at one of our Networking Events.  He was massive and I mean he would have weighed at least 110kg and been my height of 5′ 11″.  The problem I noticed that even in a room temperature of 20 degrees (68 Fahrenheit) he was sweating and the problem was that it was very hard to listen to his great message.  It wasn’t just me, most people in the room you could tell were having trouble emotionally connecting with him.

In this extreme case, the poor mans lack of health was what people noticed – and guess what? He didn’t sell much.  Even though this is extreme, the more out of health you are – the better you convince the person you are selling too you are not disciplined – which is bad for business.

My advice? Get healthy and if you need help then go and get it.  I had my friend & colleague Fiona Kane help me lose the 20kg (44 lbs) and got a Personal Trainer to get me going.

It won’t only set you up to make more money, it will make you feel more awesome and enjoy life.  After all, is that is why we are in business? To create an awesome life for us? Why not start now!

And of course, make sure you check out my Awesome Marketing Vault – got some great Small Business Tools in my fab Online Course (perfect to go along with your health kick x x – see I asked for the Sale again!).

Thank you for the read kind people and have a great day or night everyone to my Global Friends!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor Working to Stay in Shape!



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