My Cat Pandy fully understands the importance of Automation in business.  Why work harder when you can sleep all day? She has figured it out I reckon x x

My Cat Pandy fully understands the importance of Automation in business. Why work harder when you can sleep all day? She has figured it out I reckon x x

The article sums up one of my greatest challenges and moments of opportunity I am facing in my life and business right now.  I have been in business for say almost 4 years with about 2 years being full-time (I had a Contract at the start help me get going).

When you start out in business and relating to my own experiences personally, the opening move is all about learning, survival and getting your head right in my view.  I remember having almost no clients, my bank account was not a massive fan of me and my thinking was “Survival!”.  How do I get clients? I remember even getting my first paying client ever and then thinking “OK, so how do I charge her now?”

In working the beat of Sydney, growing many Networking Groups, working with now thousands of people and the like I am in this very interesting position of “Working for Money Today” Vs. “Automated Money Tomorrow”.

I find that quite a few of us are in this boat now in balancing Short Term Success Vs. Long Term Success.  Of course they aren’t opposing concepts – the trick is to do both and have a great balance.  One thing I have seen over the years are people who have been in business for a long-time and if you didn’t know better, you think they are a start-up.  Conversely, I have seen people who have been in business for say 6 – 12 months and talking more Marketing, they have a great deal of automated sophistication engineered into their business.

In terms of my own business, about say 12 months ago I really started pushing as much Automation and Leveraged Technology as possible.  That is, Networking is great and I love it – but beyond that, how can I get more clients, exposure, marketing and the like without so much working harder? My answers for that involved:

– Setting Up Strong Referral Relationships / Networks.

– Social Media Use such as Facebook, LinkedIn and the like.

– Great Online Products and Websites.

– Email Marketing and Auto-responders.

That technology has been amazing and already a lot of the work I did say 12 months ago is starting to really pay off now.  A great example is my own Facebook Community, I have invested lots of time and money into that platform and even on a Sunday it’s helping me get great exposure.

My thoughts are no matter what stage you are in business (be it start-up or say mid-range like myself) you always want to be thinking ahead and balancing your short-term requirements (e.g. Networking for clients) vs long-term systems (e.g. Email Marketing).

One of my favourite long term systems of course is my Awesome Marketing Vault, my Online Sales & Marketing Course which you can access and check out right here!

Thank you from Edward Zia for the kind read and happy days!



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