Ordering my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was so much fun and set to be one of my best gadgets ever.  I am counting down the days - AND LOVING IT!

Ordering my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was so much fun and set to be one of my best gadgets ever. I am counting down the days – AND LOVING IT!

From the day I started my business and with thanks to some of my Corporate Experiences I was very lucky to learn about the importance of Technology, Process and it really helping ones marketing.  In fact a great part of my business success I owe to one of my first clients and personal friends Edward Wright (from Wrighton Computer Services).

When I started out I had very little money, but in working with Edward he made me really understand the importance of brilliant technology.  From synchronized emails across all devices, to 8 second boot up times on my awesome Windows 8.1, to removing antiquated Apple devices from my house and to developing a love for Microsoft – it has made my life so much easier and more efficient.

So Friday morning, I am sitting on my Windows 8.1 Ultrabook in the Food Court of Westfield Parramatta (Western Sydney) pre-ordering my Surface Pro 3.  This is a totally amazing device in that it’s not much bigger than an iPad – BUT has the full power of a PC.  Basically, Microsoft have answered and solved that annoying problem we have suffered for a while.  You have to say have an iPad and also a Laptop to get your work done.

This does both and is why I love it.  You can use it just like a tablet for simple consumption of media as well as my favourite party – with it’s detachable keyboard and full Windows 8.1 64-bit ability.

If you are a techie kind of person I bet you may be excited too, if you have no idea what I am talking about – it basically means I very soon will have the power of a full computer in a tablet body letting me do whatever I want.

For whatever reason, I can’t help thinking of Maxwell Smart in the old series. If you watched it like when I was a boy, Maxwell Smart was an arrogant, bumbling and incompetent secret agent that would tend to survive by either ridiculous luck, bad guys making mistakes or his much smarter than him female counterpart “Agent 99” helping him out.  He would also win the day with amazing gadgets such as Shoe Phones, Pens that fire sleeping darts at people and even get help from his android friend “Hymie”. In terms of the heading of the article, Maxwell Smart for whatever reason would always inappropriately say “AND LOVING IT” whenever he is confronted with a negative situation that most would crumble under.

For whatever reason, I always felt there was that bit of Maxwell Smart right inside of me and I feel that the AWESOME MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO 3 will be that super gadget that will not only be great fun, but ordering it kept making me think I was a secret agent getting a new toy.

My advice for Marketing and Business in this article? There is none at all.  I just am so pumped with my Surface 3 Pro coming and I totally love Microsoft. Stay tuned though, I will give some in-depth reviews as I get it.

In the case you happen to be interested in Sales & Marketing Strategies / Education for fine entrepreneurs, make sure you check out my Online Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” right here!

It’s tough waiting for my Surface Pro 3 and the tension is building – but I will just have to bear the pain, wait my 6 weeks…AND LOVING IT!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor, Microsoft Lover who can’t wait till his new toy arrives!



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