What we do for our CATS

I love my cat and he ain’t cheap x x

I love my cat Honey Bun. He is the best cat ever, with today being the ultimate test as to how far we go for our cats.

It’s good to take in cats say once a year to get their main checks, teeth cleaned and the like; with me doing that on this great Friday.

Taking a human to the dentist is one thing, with a cat being something else. This involved me sitting in peak hour traffic, waiting 35 minutes for him to get logged in, spending a good $450 and more.

This is pretty out there for a ‘Dental Check’, and then I realised how much I spent on the cute little guy on things like premium cat food, kitty litter, cat stuff and even more.

I have spent hundreds this year at Pet Barn on his food, and it reminded me to as how we as humans shop emotionally.

In fact, humans are the least logical beings every when it comes to Sales & Marketing with my own Cat showing that behaviour. I spend hundreds of dollars on “Pain Avoidance” getting his teeth cleaned at the Veterinary Hospital, with “Pleasure Seeking” buying stuff for my cat.

My advice and thinking? If you are cat owner, dog owner or have an expensive hobby; think about it from a Sales & Marketing viewpoint. It gets you thinking as to how we all roll and it just rocks.

We often act out of motives of “Pain Avoidance” and “Pleasure Seeking”, and we can spend hundreds on thousands on that. My cat reminded me of that.

Work out, how to put this greatness into your marketing.

Stay awesome friends!