Easy Weight Loss with BANANA SMOOTHIES

Pearl from Top Juice World Square SO ROCKS!

With thanks to my wonderful wife on her encourage here, I have lost a good 15kg of fat over the past 12 months.

It’s been a great experience and although it’s involved a few changes; one of the more minor (yet critical) part has been how I tweaked my breakfast.

I used to have Soy Chai Lattes with Cheese and Tomato Toasties. This really helped me stack on the pounds and I have changed this too a ‘Zero Calorie’ Long Black and a Banana Smoothie

Banana Smoothies are a great breakfast in that:

  • You feel great eating them (no heavy stomach)
  • Contains lots of water (so you rehydrate)
  • Low GI (meaning that it burns slowing leaving you full)
  • Very easy to consume (you just drink it as you walk)

My advice and thinking? Get into smoothies. I am slightly dairy intolerant, so I have mine with Soy.

I love the Sydney juice bar “Top Juice”. Pearl in the World Square outlet is just great and I love her work (she has made many for me).

Love your work, stay awesome and to Banana Smoothies!