What it feels like to GET SLIM!

I shall never get heavier than this again friends!

For what is my first time in a decade, I am starting to really feel like what it’s like to be slim and healthy.

When I turned 35, I really got into some bad habits and let myself go. Even though I had let myself go for a while, things turned especially worse for me in this period of my life.

Many rightfully ask and confront me with the question, “Why did you get fat?”. It’s easy for me to take the politically correct cop-out and say it’s my age or my genes; but it was all me. It was me making poor decisions, lowering my standards and not placing a high enough priority on my health.

I got up to a top 99kg and was reaching 42” size on my jeans. I’m now a loose 34” jean size and coming 83kg and love it. It feels great being slim!

If you are already slim and have never been fat, this article probably makes little sense to you. If you have got fat however, I know you will know what I mean here. Getting slim has been great and I love it for these reasons:

  • You feel just great: No more sore stomach, tight belts, excessive sweating and feeling tired all the time. All gone.
  • People do treat you differently: This is obviously not politically correct but it’s true; when your slim and healthy people treat you with much more respect and trust.
  • You get more done:I work faster, harder and don’t tire at 3PM like I used too. I get more done in a morning now that I used to in a whole day.
  • My back and knees have come good: I had really bad back pain and knee pain. The weight loss combined with great Chiro has eliminated all the pain. I love it!

My advice and thinking? If you like being who you are weight wise, that’s totally cool. If, however what I am saying strikes a chord with you, it’s time to change. In being honest with you, the first say 1 to 2 weeks of weight loss is really hard, but once you get going it’s great.

Decide to get your eating under control friends! I did and once I did, the weight just fell off. It’s taken me a good 18 months, but so worth it.

Love your work, thanks for your support friends and stay awesome!