What I was thinking about in my drive from Melbourne back to Sydney…

From fine food on Lygon St, to 'stand bys' on the road, it was a wonderful trip of thought of development!

From fine food on Lygon St, to ‘stand bys’ on the road, it was a wonderful trip of thought of development!

It’s 10:53PM as I write this blog and I am finally home after an incredible day trip back. It’s quite a long journey from Melbourne to Sydney on the road, with a good 9+ hours of solid driving.

As I made this trip, I was thinking about a great many things to do with business, life, health fitness and the like.

I was also thinking about this blog as well and my biggest breakthrough on the break I just had.

There were lots of revelations, however the biggest and most prominent one that hit me wasn’t so much a ‘NEW’ thing that I have learned. It was more of a reminder of an earlier lesson, with the importance of it really changing in how I think.

The key thought / breakthrough was:

–          It takes continuous exposures to build trust, relationships, get referrals and win big. This can never stop and with every day that passes it gives you an opportunity to reach and connect with more people. The longer you last, the more consistent your action, is the more you win!

In my own business, all the wonderful people that come my way is a result of this process. That is, they have followed me for some time to build trust, come through a referral and stay with me because of my continual activity and development.

You don’t tend to often hear about Marketing phrased this way, however it’s critical to know that you are most likely not going to win with one successful campaign.

It’s activity after activity done extremely well that adds up to a continual win. It’s continual too! You can never stop in that once you do, people shall forget about you fast and new players shall take the void that you leave behind.

My advice and thinking? Know that your Marketing is not a one off. It works by connecting with people over time. It’s a continuous relationship that we as entrepreneurs must drive and keep going.

So, it’s important we do it, love it and stay at it.

Love your work, thank you for the read and whilst it was wonderful having a holiday, it’s always great to be back in one’s own bed. Enjoy!