Star Wars and it's exploration of 'Hope' has kept me going many years. I love their work!

Star Wars and it’s exploration of ‘Hope’ has kept me going many years. I love their work!

It’s 2018 and my wonderful family are resting after some great times of celebration. This would by far be the best New Years I have ever had, in that I can say that historically this time of the year would be a bit of a struggle.

As a Star Wars fan too, I play one of my favourite official games “Star Wars: Commander” on mobile, I made it to #1 Globally in Fleet for “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” (then I retired Champion) and believe it or not I still haven’t seen the latest film (so don’t spoil it for me).

One key theme that Star Wars has always explored (and I have applied in difficult times in my life) is the concept of ‘Hope’. When you are an entrepreneur especially, understanding and applying hope is everything.

Whenever I speak to my wonderful friends who are struggling in life too, I am the first to educate them as to this thinking to keep them productive and moving forward. According to Google, Hope is defined as:

–          “a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.”

This is critical especially if you had rough times. If you look at this definition too, it’s ‘emotional’ not ‘logical’ in that it’s a feeling for a “particular thing” to happen.

If I look back on my life too, when I have been losing and your attitude goes down, there may not be anything ‘logical’ for you to fall back on. After all, if your track recording is lots of failure, then surely the past equals the future right?

No. A big fat no. This is where hope kicks in. For us to create the business and lives we want, it comes down to us having a sense of hope knowing we are going to win.

My advice and thinking? Regardless of what you feel in your life right now (be it good or not so good), hope is everything. It’s how we stay functional as humans especially when we are up against difficult times.

To build your hope, keep thinking about what you want and focus less on what is not working in your life. This paves the way for new things to come and it just rocks.

Happy 2018 to you, love your work and thank you Star Wars for your hope, inspiration and of course image use.