Great Live Webinar and enjoy friends!

Great Live Webinar and enjoy friends!

This was a very potent and long webinar. I think we got up to 50 minutes being driven by a great crowd, top questions and key issues to ponder as part of it.

‘Pricing’ is one of those few areas of Marketing considered or discussed and in this Webinar, I went into lots of detail to explore this topic. I remember as a Corporate Marketing Manager, ‘Pricing’ in many jobs is a critical issue. It’s hardly a science and a massive artform in that you have to rely on information from multiple sources combined with ‘Management Judgement’ (or in street terms ‘Your Best Guess’).

We got into keep into this core issue, looked at some core ideas and appreciated the people that took their time to join us. The recording is below and included, so please enjoy this one as my gift to you on the house.

If you like what you hear, please join my community too! The ‘Awesome Marketing Vault’ may just be perfect for you.

Stay awesome, enjoy and thanks!



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