David Cameron - like the guy. Cool operator!

David Cameron – like the guy. Cool operator!

In watching the news coverage and fallout from the Brexit; you have to say that it’s funny watching how it’s all playing out.

In a democratic referendum where the ‘people have spoken’, you have millions of people in the UK wanting to undo democracy, have a second referendum and all that type of thing.

On the positive side of things, the British PM David Cameron has been fantastic, professional and very mature in the way he has handled the result. He has totally respected the people’s vote, announced his resignation and I think post politics and all this – he will be quite well respected across the lands.

I haven’t agreed with everything David Cameron had done, but he is very cool on this one. This behaviour will only serve him well in time to come and it has me thinking about being successful in marketing, business and life.

Ultimately, our success comes from winning and minds of people. You and your business needs to be well liked, respected and have great word of mouth for it to grow and be totally awesome. As an example, if I get around town – people like me and say hello! It’s because I am nice to people first, I do what I can to help and they have seen me as a consistent and kind player for years. It’s like that for other cool people I know too, if they walk into a room at say a business event – everyone loves them!

When it comes to Marketing and your own personal brand, as a small business owner / entrepreneur it’s critical to be well liked. People have many choices besides what you are offering them, so you don’t just have to be the best – you have to be the well liked.

My advice and thinking friends? I think we can take a leaf out of David Cameron’s book on this one. He has played the Brexit well (on the losing side) and he could have chosen another path. Even when you lose, win or whatever the case may be – treat people with respect not just personally, but the kindness of your marketing message.

Sometimes I like to be a bit of a provocateur, however in 98% + of cases – it’s a kind, positive and helpful message. People love it!

Stay awesome, thanks for the read, bravo David Cameron and stay awesome!



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