This photo - contains nothing but awesome people. Lucky to know them!

This photo – contains nothing but awesome people. Lucky to know them!

You have no doubt picked up a theme in my writings as of late. It’s been a serious time of growth, reflection and contemplation for me in business as I have challenged myself on many things.

Year on year I am very happy! I work less hours, deliver more to my clients and my revenue has increased 30% which just rocks. This has come as a result of lots of hard and smart work and one big lesson I am realizing now is:

Hanging out with Awesome People in the RIGHT Places!

A bit mistake / lesson I learned was that with my networking I was spending time with great people, however overall it wasn’t the best for my business. Especially too if you are selling business to business – we are reliant on people with money who can afford to hire us.

Sure, this my sound a bit ‘Donald Trump’ of me and not very politically correct – but think about it, am I wrong? Of course I am not. When it comes to great clients, it starts with them being great people who are already successful in their own right.

I have found especially it’s not just money too! You can have someone with “no money” who has started their business, but they have a wealthy mindset. They are awesome people and even though they may not be able to hire you – boy you can give each other some great referrals.

On the opposing end you can have someone who is loaded, that just won’t spend with you and their penny pinchers.

My advice and thinking? Someones wealth is important (and awesome people don’t stay ‘poor’ for long), but it’s making sure you are hanging out with abundant people that are as good as you are.

The more you do that, the more happier you and everyone else shall be!

Love your work, thanks for the read – and stay awesome!



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