Kind, Brilliant, Successful and Very Humble - Adelle Jackman from Deloitte knows her stuff!

Kind, Brilliant, Successful and Very Humble – Adelle Jackman from Deloitte knows her stuff!

It feels like I have lived many lives. I have done many things, lost quite a few of my memories from an old government injury and have worked in many types of jobs in my life.

From undercover agent, to Industrial Chemist, Salesman, Marketing Director and now the crazy entrepreneur I am today.

Before I started my business, I used to be a Corporate myself and I did really well as a Marketing Professional in my time. When I started in my business – I realized how little I did know about “Small Business Marketing” and as I learned through results, I would immediately pass the results to my clients for their own success.

One of the characters who I was blessed to meet a long time ago during a previous role was the awesome Adelle Jackman. She is a high powered Corporate who is a Director at one of the divisions of Deloitte as well as appearing on several charity boards.

We have kept in contact over the years and strangely enough, we had not caught up face to face until five years roughly after we used to work together. We are both very differently people now.

She actually watched me get fired and I was very upset – and I can only remember her kindness at the time (a whole other story for another time, it inspired me to become an entrepreneur). As time passed, her career just grew and you can understand why when you speak to her.

She is incredible intelligent, brilliant and very awesome!

Yes, she is way smarter than me in many ways and when I spoke to her, I listened and admired her points of view. In reminding me of my Corporate origins, it was fascinating comparing the approach of thinking compared to being an Entrepreneur.

As a Corporate it’s very much thinking, approach and process of dealing with issues. There is a lot more complexity that has to be worked through and it’s not so much “Doing Stuff”, but more getting the right approach so the result is profitable and sustainable.

As an Entrepreneur it’s quite to opposite. It’s more doing stuff fast, being agile, pumping stuff out and jumping on opportunities.

I liked hearing from Adelle and she inspired me as to something very true in the credible cliche of “Working On the Business” and not just in it.

It’s very easy to get caught up in “doing stuff”, but one must stop – reflect on the approach and improve what they are doing. This has been the cornerstone of my last 3 – 6 months and it’s been a great profitable experience.

My advice and learnings from Adelle? Listen, think, work on your approach and don’t be “Busy”. Be active and get results. Your clients and your bank account will love you.

Thanks for the read, love your work – thank you Adelle Jackman and stay awesome!



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