The Awesome, Intelligent and Sharp Belinda Verne.  She got into my head and solved some big problems.  Good on her and big things from her to come!

The Awesome, Intelligent and Sharp Belinda Verne. She got into my head and solved some big problems. Good on her and big things from her to come!

This rarely happens to me when people get into my head, solve my massive mindset issues and help me get epiphany’s like I got today. Belinda Verne is this very intelligent, sharp and perceptive almost “Clarice Starling” (Jodie Foster from Silence of the Lambs) type of character who I have utmost respect for.

She has been my Chiropractor for a long time and I she has spent a great deal of her time with Personal Development & also studying courses on the mind. Belinda blew me away today with some thinking / advice around my own issues of Self-Worth, dealing with being forced single again as well as getting over my needs for external validation from others.

Since I have been single for about a month, I have had a great deal of insecurity and fears really come to the surface. Ironically for me, my business is totally rocking right now – and in terms of “Relationships & Girls” this has been a challenge for me.

As Belinda was stretching me, poking my body, tapping parts of it, doing tests and helping with my structure / posture – her sharp witted intense conversation was basically doing the same thing to my brain. I told her straight out what happened to me with being single all of a sudden – and she was getting to the heart of my issues quite quickly.

In short, this is what I felt and her powerhouse response that made me feel instantly better, lifted and gave me a sense of relief:

Edward’s Feelings / Issues:

– I was feeling lonely, very anxious about finding the “Right Woman” and starting a family, concerned about what happened / went wrong in my last relationship and worried about my future relationship – I have been engaged twice in my life now and both ended badly.  Lots of insecurity and doubt!

Belinda’s Powerhouse “Excuse Cutting” Response:

– Belinda was very quick to identify that my problems was that “I was not complete” outside of a relationship. I never realized this and she explained to me that my pain came from that feeling under the surface.  I need to “Feel Complete” by myself – and that is how I speak to myself internally in that moment. Get that right – and then the right lady shall come.

My Feelings & Response:

This was an instant sigh of relief to see the error in my thinking.  Even though on the logical surface I didn’t think that, on an “Emotional Level” I had some really poor thinking in this regard. Belinda’s thinking really hit the spot in that regard and I strangely feel a massive load off my shoulders. For me, the cure is really in the moment. I need to “Feel Complete” completely by myself and not be dependent on anything outside / anyone for this feeling.  By being strong in this regard and “Internally Driven” it shall make me incredibly more effective in business & life!

My response and learnings today? It’s great to have Coaches, Mentors, Psychologists and the like supporting you especially at big times of change in your life. For me, I wasn’t conscious to this limitation in my own thinking and Belinda totally nailed it.

Love her work and stay tuned! This lovely friend of mine has more great things to come………



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