Treat your Marketing as ACTIVITIES not a ONE-OFF!

Great Marketing is continuous and you never ever stop!

Great Marketing is continuous and you never ever stop!

As I was heading to Aldi to purchase some cat food yesterday (my cat loves the brand there), I bumped into an old friend who is running their first workshop in the coming months.

I remember the stress of running my first workshop in business and it’s a big deal for sure.

I run workshops every fortnight now and if you told me that 5 years ago I would be able to sustain the schedule I do today; I wouldn’t have believed you.

My friend however made a mistake in his thinking which I was quick to point to keep them on track. They had only booked one workshop and had no thinking as to the follow up, future workshops and what actual program is to follow on from that.

He is a very smart guy and when I pointed this out; he tweaked immediately and got where I was going. If he just runs one workshop and doesn’t do anything after that, people won’t take him seriously, he will lose the momentum and you get the opportunity loss.

My commentary to him was start with monthly workshops and keep making them better, fuller and more powerful. This will help build is reputation, skill and give him momentum in the market. He is one cool guy and I know he will do it and get great results.

My advice and thinking? Treat your Marketing as ongoing activities and keep it moving and growing nicely.

I recommend having your Marketing as a program regardless of what it is. If you go Networking, do it every week. If you are going to use LinkedIn, work it every day. If you are going to use FB advertising, setup an ongoing campaign and check it daily. When you treat your Marketing like this, it just works and makes being an entrepreneur that bit easier and way more profitable.

Love your work, thank you for the read and best of luck to my wonderful friend in their first workshop!

P.S. Lando you look wonderful in this photo my friend!