Travelling up the coast with my smart Pal Michael Bruhwiller

A trip up the coast with Michael Bruhwiller would have made compelling television!

It all started some months ago where I got a mysterious request through LinkedIn to speak at an event in the Central Coast of NSW.

Even though I didn’t know the guy who contacted me, I was instantly impressed with the tone (and I am the type of guy that will take any excuse to commercially justify a trip up the Central Coast).

As I spoke more, I realised that this guy was referred to me my Mitronics Sales Master Michael Bruhwiller.

Michael drove me up from Sydney and we had a great conversation about business, life and even showed me some of the great sights.

He is such a great guy on many levels in that:

  • He is very funny.
  • He drove me up the Coast from Sydney.
  • He is well connected.
  • He totally gets Networking.
  • He knows how to sell.
  • He is AWESOME!

My advice and thinking? Michael Bruhwiller is a great guy and connect with him on LinkedIn. He has great ideas and I love his work.

Thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!