My extremely smart pal Anna Sheppard

Anna Sheppard rocks and I love her work!

If you are into the Sydney Business Scene, I bet you would know tons of great people like me. As you meet the many people around town, you start to get an eye for the stars and those who are going to the top.

One of them is my pal Anna Sheppard. She is very smart, charismatic, inspiring and a savvy Marketer. I developed an instant respect for her in almost the first 30 seconds we met and has great ideas.

I put out one of my videos basically calling out ‘Haters’ saying they don’t matter, and Anna left a smart comment. The comment was so great, I am going to include it here word for word:

  • “In my experience People don’t like what they are most afraid of or do not understand. No great scientist, innovator, change maker was liked by all as they challenged the status quo. I believe that People operate in one of two states FEAR or INSPIRATION. Although fear is always without exception a mirror of what they are struggling with personally. Compassion to yourself and also the understanding of what led that ‘non liker’ to be less tolerant of difference is a beautiful thing. A great woman, Deb Maes taught me this when I was working in an incredibly toxic environment and it has helped me stay authentic in myself whatever the environment! You are unique Edward, clever and real community maker and most of all I love how you OWN it!”

My advice and thinking? Listen to Anna. She is in the zone.

I love her work and thank you for the read friends!