Getting higher value clients is not being an Eric Cartman and just whacking up prices - it's about giving way more so it's a fair trade!

Getting higher value clients is not being an Eric Cartman and just whacking up prices – it’s about giving way more so it’s a fair trade!

Right now I am sitting in my dark room by candlelight.  The power has gone out which has never happened in the 4 years I have been living in Sydney’s Inner West.  I have these stress head neighbours which are running around all panicking and stuff outside and what should I do? Go for a walk? Go to the gym?

No way – I wanted to speak to you and share some insights about increasing the Quality & Value of your clients.

This is very relevant if you are say a Coach, Mentor, Consultant or in the Services game – the quality of your clients is a very critical part of how things work! I cover plenty of these concepts in my Premium Home Study Course The Awesome Marketing Vault (learn more here).

For me in my own business – this is my third going on fourth year as a Marketing Mentor & Consultant.  The first two years were really hard and third year onwards, things have really come together in mass way for me.

One notable perk I have today are the amazing clients I am attracting and very blessed to work with.  When I first started out I would honestly attract a mixed bag of clients. As per I and many of my peers in a similar boat, you just work with anyone (as you have too!).

Some of those people are awesome clients / channel partners today and it was unfortunate that I did pick up some “Not so Good” ones like anyone starting out business often does.  This was linked to my own lack of experience at the time and today I AM BLESSED to work with the best!  I trust these tips help you out big time:

1) Be More Valuable to Your Clients: This sounds obvious and it’s something to really keep in mind.  I am way better at my Consulting / Marketing ability that what I was 12 – 18 months ago.

2) Deliver more to Your Clients: I deliver way more to my clients in far less time that I used too.  I give them straighter answers, solve their problems at least double the speed I used too and I work faster.  This helps me increase my hourly rate so it’s great for everyone.

3) Improve the Quality of your Identity & Image: The Graphic Designers reading this post would love this one! Have great business cards, websites, materials and really, really look the part!

4) Be Selective with your Clients: I work with awesome clients these days who demand quality, appreciate quality and will pay for quality.  Some people just aren’t like that – which is great! They aren’t for you.

5) Look for Better Clients: Be it their earnings, company size, mindset or the like – it’s always great to be wary of who you are pursuing.  When I started out I would work with people who were still at work and caught up in “Get Rich Quick Schemes”.  Now, I work with people who own companies or awesome startups who are super serious!

6) Appreciate Yourself: This has been a tough one for me – make sure you are looking at yourself objectively.  I commonly think I am way worse than what I deliver which is not true! Make sure you don’t do that too.

7) Market better for more clients: If you get more clients coming in, you can afford to be more selective.  This means your revenues are great and you just don’t have to be as desperate as you once were!

Trust these tips out and keep up the great work.  I am very lucky to have an amazing base of Private Clients and if you are one of my old ones or an active one – thank you! Couldn’t have done it without you.

About the Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Commentator, Blogger and 4Networking Leader.  He works around the clock supporting his community and working with his clients.  If you like what you see, check out his Premium Home Study Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” >> Right Here!

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