Alfred Bellanti - Kind, Good Natured, speaks the Truth.  Having friends like him rocks and I am proud to have him Guest Blog on 'The Edward Files!'

Alfred Bellanti – Kind, Good Natured, speaks the Truth. Having friends like him rocks and I am proud to have him Guest Blog on ‘The Edward Files!’

It must have been a few years ago now, I was very lucky to meet a humble and kind man at 4Networking.

He was aged, very softly spoken, had a nice smile and you know you could instantly trust him.  Basically, he felt like someone you “knew for years”.

I could also feel a sense of pain and hurt from him too.  You could feel his kindness and equally feel the pain & suffering he has had in life.  His name was Alfred Bellanti and we stayed connected on Facebook and LinkedIn.

It wasn’t going to be for quite a long time that we would meet again and although I didn’t interact with him that much, whenever I did – it just felt great.

What I liked about him was his own honesty.  He told the truth about him suffering from depression and I liked it.

I have never quite suffered from depression, but PTSD (“Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” – thank you Australian Government x x), anxiety and panic attacks I used to get really badly. Thank god I am pretty good these days.  As we spoke and caught up again, I invited him to guest blog on “The Edward Files”.  Alfred was quite humbled and as a new blogger, I think he has written a compelling piece.  I trust you enjoy it right here!

Get up and Manage Yourself! – Guest Blog by Alfredo Bellanti:

I am writing this blog straight from the heart and straight from the soul, I’m not sure what the difference is – but they are two separate words. A lot of this text comes from my personal experience and from reaction to events and statements I hear from other people.

This time in particular I refer to some interaction that took place during a live webinar from Edward Zia – “Awesome Business Thinking for Fun, Money and Getting More Done.”

At this stage of life I am an author and struggling entrepreneur. Most of my life I have been in employment. The last 22 years I was struggling with part time work and trying to build a Hypnotherapy Practice. Therefore the title of Edward’s webinar was very appealing.

At the start of the webinar Edward introduced Jude Dowsett who among other accomplishments had also been a Natural Therapies Practitioner.  During the course of the webinar as Jude was talking Edward jokingly mentioned “I need therapy”. This struck a chord within me for 3 main reasons:

1. Edward’s sense of humour.
2. Everyone needs some sort of therapy at one stage of life, especially those that insist they don’t.
3. I have been a Clinical Hypnotherapist for the past 22 years.

Anyway, I ramble. Edward said at least three times during the webinar “I need therapy!”

Then Jude started to talk about Self Management and that set me off! I reacted by making the comment “I need someone to manage me!”

Edward appreciated this honest statement and replied by pointing out how important Self Management is. “Someone to manage me” … The statement still resonates in my brain!

As an entrepreneur it is easy to outsource. You can outsource to graphic artists, marketers, answering services. An author can even outsource his writing for heaven’s sake!

Do you think you can outsource management of yourself? Is this possible?

From my point of view there are three key attributes to Self Management:

• You have to be very focused
• You have to be very organized
• You have to have a plan on which to work

Long ago, when I had regular jobs, the only self management necessary was to get to the work place on time. The rest was “easy” and required no self management skills at all.

Here is an example typical work day back then.

1. Get to the workplace
2. Open the shop shutters
3. Get cash float out of the safe and count it.
4. Set up the cash register
5. Check store for dust, straighten displays etc …
6. Serve customers
7. Accept, unpack & check deliveries
8. Stack shelves
9. Organize lunch hour
10. After lunch serve customers
11. Towards end of day clean the shop floor
12. Close store, count cash, separate the takings from the float and check the figures against cash register record.
13. Place cash in the safe
14. Exit the store and lock shutters.

The point I am making is that there was no need for self management at all because the time was managed for me. Being an Entrepreneur requires a whole Self Management paradigm.

Contribution of ideas to this discussion are welcome.

About the man: Alfred Bellanti is an Author, Entrepreneur, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Medical Herbalist. To learn more check out Alfred’s Kindle book “Manage Your Depression: A Self Help Guide” available from Amazon – access it here!

Edward’s Post Blog Commentary:

What a cool guy? In a world which can be full of fluff and BS, you have Alfred telling you the truth about what he has been through.  This is integrity driven and you know and I know it – so many people out there are struggling and they just lie to you and make out they are famous.

BUT not Alfred.  He is very cool and I love his style.  A kind man and whatever I can do to help him kick butt.

I have lived in my car several times in life – my longest stint when I was about 30.  Great.  It sucked, but it’s the truth.

My advice? Check out his book and download his stuff.  He rocks! Thank you for the read and love your work from Edward Zia!

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  1. Thank you for your kind words and support Edward Zia.

    It’s the first time today that I’ve seen you reply.

    No apologies for the delay because I didn’t know it was here.

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