Time Wasters are LOSERS!

Only meet with winners!

Only meet with winners!

I love time wasters! They are a wonderful opportunity to become more assertive, stronger and exist to remind us how value our time is.

I had a wonderful one recently with some one contacting me through LinkedIn wanting to meet. They looked great, I agreed and guess what?

–          They stood me up.

I only think this has ever happened to me once in my business life, even after they confirmed just the day before to see me (remembering they asked to meet me).

Then they asked to meet again! As a safety precaution, I called them on the day and guess what? They said they can’t make it. I was in the city anyway, I asked them to let me know if they could meet another time that day.

They said they would call me back in 10 minutes. Guess what?

–          They didn’t.

This then crossed the line with me and they got back to me later and asked to meet another time. Guess what?

–          I said NO.

My advice and thinking? In business and life, be extremely careful about time wasters. These people are complete losers and don’t get caught up with them. I spot them now very quickly and it’s a great feeling when you refuse to see them after they have crossed you.

I love them in that they teach you to become assertive. When someone wastes your time (and is unfair to you), kick them to the curb! It rocks, feels great and is very liberating.

Love your work, thank you for the read friends and here is to being a responsible adult!

P.S. Only spend your limited time with WINNERS!