Rest can cure many things

Zachary Mason is a very cool and healthy guy. Love his tips on rest!

Zachary Mason is a very cool and healthy guy. Love his tips on rest!

Earlier in the week I was extremely grateful to go to one of Zachary Mason’s Meetup Groups. This one was “Breaking Down Nutrition into Bite Size Pieces!” and he gave incredible advice on eating for health.

When I go to any workshop, I always listen for that one single ‘nugget’ of gold to transform my thinking and improve my life for good. Zach got into the topic of ‘rest’ which was great to hear and honestly something that I must do better.

He was saying that if you aren’t sleeping enough, you’re working too many hours or even playing on your phone when you should be sleeping (guilty!), it can cause you lots of problems for your health.

Be it accelerated aging, creating conditions for overeating, weakened immune system and the like; there is no upside to not having enough rest.

Zach made the point in simple terms where he said:

–          “Quite often, we just need a good night’s rest and that will solve all of our health problems in that moment”

I have found this to be extremely true in that when I am well rested, I just feel great and totally in the zone.

My advice and thinking? As entrepreneurs we will have times where we are poorly rested. Be it we are attending evening events, followed by early morning events (very common for me) or having restless nights; we shall loose out on sleep.

It’s critical to recharge when we can! I have today, and it’s been wonderful with myself feeling back on the zone and ready to take on the world. Poor mood, unhappiness and good old crankiness can be cured by resting up.

Turn off your phone, keep your mind calm, get into bed early and do whatever you can to rest up. Even if a 15-minute cat nap here and there can make the difference.

Simple advice that sounds logical when you hear it; however, it’s so often overlooked and it’s great to be get reminded of this by Zach. Thank you Zach! I am taking that advice extremely seriously.

>> Check out Zach’s wonderful Meetup Group “Optimal Health, Mindset & Lifestyle Meetup!” here

Love your work and stay awesome friends!