The Powerhouse LinkedIn Voice Messaging: LOVE IT!

LinkedIn Voice Messenger is fast and brilliant. LOVE IT!

It was late September 2018 where I first got access to one new App Update which I was eagerly awaiting.

Like an 80’s child waiting for a video game in the Christmas Sock; I was checking the LinkedIn Mobile Phone App daily for something special.

This of course was the POWERHOUSE LINKEDIN VOICE MESSAGE feature which many Google Android Users like myself, were desperately waiting for.

It’s a great feature in case you aren’t using it yet in that like a Walkie-Talkie, you can hold down the voice button to send messages to people. I love it because:

  • It saves time: Much easier speaking than typing in long messages. It also saves me waiting till I get to my PC, I can just keep up.
  • Builds Relationships: Send text, lots will ignore. Voice messages have at least a 350% improvement in response from my own results.
  • Gets more clients: As I can communicate better, I get more clients and LOVE IT.

My advice and thinking? Get into the Powerhouse LinkedIn Voice feature. It’s really good and takes one marketing to the next level.

Love your work, enjoy and you rock friends!