The power of SILENCE and FUNNY STARES in debating

Tucker Carlson's trademarked 'Tuck Face' is an incredible move he uses well to win his debates. Nice.

Tucker Carlson’s trademarked ‘Tuck Face’ is an incredible move he uses well to win his debates. Nice.

If you have spoken to me for any length of time, you will no doubt see my debating streak come to the surface. Be it you bait me with something controversial or challenge my own viewpoints, I will debate and back my own position (unless I am totally wrong in which case I will just fold).

Many regard me today as a person who is very effective at arguing points and I must share with you one of my secret weapons:

  • Tucker Carlson!!

If you YouTube this genius, it will come up with countless videos of him tearing part lefties on Camera with logic, facts and real funny lines. He is one of Fox News top contributors who is a Conservative that I find myself agreeing with on many points.

Tucker is explosive, interrupts sometimes, can be quite bullish; however also has some traits in which he lets his opponents hang themselves.

He has this look about him which is nick named ‘Tuck Face’. That is, as people are telling him just weird and daft stuff, he does this ‘WTF type of stare’ which would even psyche out his hardest opponent.

That is beyond the words, Tucker is a master of using silence and aggressive body language to win his debates from many different viewpoints.

As he debates his trademarked ‘Tuck Face’ helps him get the answers he wants and not so much persuade his opponents; but the audience easily sides with his sentiments.

My advice and thinking? Winning arguments or making points it’s just going on and on. There are times to go quiet, watch what people are saying, giving people space to answer and using your body language to get the edge.

Be it a funny stare, smiling, laughing or frowning – there are many possible moves you can make. Lots of ways you can win.

Love your work, thank you for the read, appreciate you Tucker Carlson and stay awesome friends!