The journey of KNOWING yourself

Look within and keep asking yourself those hard questions!

Look within and keep asking yourself those hard questions!

As I write this blog it’s actually at the end of the day on my Birthday! I only have one of them a year (lol) and I always use it as a chance for reflection against what I have achieved, the losses, the wins and also asking myself some deeper questions about how I tick.

I probably don’t spend Birthdays in the way that most do; mostly because I have had many atypical celebration days to the norm. Until recently in the past few years, I have actually spent lots of Birthdays on my own where I have developed a big creative space where I tend took inwards.

In throughout this whole process and talking to many people lately about this topic; I find it’s really important that you get to know who you really are.

I don’t mean things like your ‘identity’ in terms of your favourite colour, food, what you do for a living or textbook demographics about yourself. I am making a reference to the inner being behind all the cool clothing, great looks and attractive physique I bet you have.

I mean the actual spirit and soul of who you are in terms of who you are really on Earth, your life purpose and what really floats your book or brings on your inner most ‘Darth Vader’.

As Entrepreneurs especially it’s critical to know oneself in that by doing this it can help you grow the business in a way that you want to ensure it meets your life goals. For me having the creative room, free time, space, smiles and the like is really important for me and in knowing this its encouraged me to take my business in a massively successful online direction.

The more I go in the online direction is the happier I become as I know myself, what I like, what I don’t like and my own ‘life purpose’ so I can take things in the direction I want. The actual reflection on my birthday has helped me explore this on a much deeper level.

My advice and thinking? Spend some quality time with the most important person in the world; YOU! Remove the shackles of societal expectations and reflect within and really explore the type of person you are.

The more you can get closer to you inner self is the more clearly you will get about who you really are. This shall focus you in ways you may have never quite thought possible.

Knowing thyself I think is actually a core part of the journey on the road to happiness…

Love your work, thank you for the read, love your work and stay awesome!