10 years ago I never thought of how strong I would become - nor how much it would scare me!

10 years ago I never thought of how strong I would become – nor how much it would scare me!

Over the many years I have continually heard the idea that we are terrified of our own strengths. This view is often shared from the viewpoint of Life Coaches and I remember that when I first heard it I never quite thought much of it.

I actually kind of thought it was ‘dumb’ actually in that logically it sounded quite insane to me at the time. After all, being scared of our Strengths? What are you talking about? It’s a virtue and why on earth is that a problem?

7 years are first hearing it, I have declared it a great statement and not only am enjoying a serving of ‘Humble Pie’ with fresh cream; I am actually going to double down on this statement and really break it down and unpack why I think this occurs.

The people who told me this never really understood it themselves (or at least took the time to explain to me how it works). It’s critical not to just ‘listen and believe’, but to really critically think it through and understand the mechanics of how it works and why it manifests itself on a physical level (after all, I am a detail guy!).

In my own business, life and entrepreneurial journey; I have really started to focus on my strengths which has changed everything. I have more wonderful clients, glorious friends and am just feeling better about life every day. As this plays out, your own strengths naturally have to come to the surface.

I want to get more done in a day, I have more people depending on me and in this scenario this it forces me to really step up in that if I didn’t; I would go totally insane!

There is work I must get done, decisions I must make and they have to be done brilliantly, quickly and with effectiveness. These circumstances have just made me become stronger and here is the problem of all this:

  • As we become stronger, people challenge you more and you must stand your ground!

This is such a true thing and I think one of the many reasons why we are afraid of our strengths and success. As we succeed and our strengths come to the surface, our lives really do change in many ways which for me is scary enough!

Also too, I have really found my strengths to be the way I motivate people, create change, attack existing norms and disrupt what is around me. For a guy that lived in his car about 10 years ago, this is a far change in life on many levels that has been scary. After all, it turns out that I actually do know what I am doing, I can lead and I have some incredible ideas with people out there who don’t like me among a sea of supporters.

Scary, scary and scary on many levels. As my strengths come to the surface, I have found myself equally fearing them giving credibility to the ideas that we are ‘terrified of our strengths’.

My advice and thinking? It’s great to admit that we are scared of this and the reasons behind it. Be it change, having to clash with people, change what you do, get more done or the like; the more honest you are with it the better off you shall be. I used to not acknowledge this but it’s totally true.

Really think hard about your strengths and own them. When you meet people that want to take you down a peg with their own ‘tall poppy’ and the like; make sure you smile and defend your turf with style.

The more you own who you ‘really are’ the more good times you shall find ahead. For me right now it’s an unfolding adventure of discovery so stay tuned.

Love your work, thanks for the read and here is to exploring our own strengths in style.