The Importance of BRIBES and CORRUPTION

Let’s see if my simple not bribe wins this one!

I love bribes! They are best thing ever and I have carefully used bribes to get the outcomes I need over the years.

From giving some a chocolate, to small gift, to cash for information (from my Government Days), bribes are just totally awesome.

I of course mean this in the ‘legal’ side of bribes (where I like to call it ‘Strategic Gifting’).

Giving gifts to people at the right time can shift whole situations in your direction and in fact; I am in the process of applying for SOMETHING REALLY BIG right now.

If I get this outcome, I will probably make an extra $100k next year; however it’s odds are probably 50 / 50 at best. There are far too many factors to predict this one, so I even sent them some gifts.

It was an ‘Edward Zia’ coffee cup, thank you letter and a bag of ‘Natural’ lollies. Whilst this is hardly up there bribes or corruption by any metric, it’s a simple and easy gift. Whether it will influence this deal over the line or not is impossible to say, but what I can say is that it will make a big impression and they shall remember me.

My advice and thinking? When it’s the right time bribe people!

I can be buying lunch, coffee, small gifts and anything to get the edge. I do it ALL THE TIME and it rocks. Believe me 😊

Love your work, thanks for the read and I love corruption. It rocks!