I got sold an EXTRA SCOOP!

She got me with the two scoops and GOT ME GOOD!

Meetup HQ was a great event tonight. In fact, it was our greatest ever and I left in a very celebratory mood.

As a guy who came from a Middle Eastern Background, alcohol isn’t so much my thing as ice cream.

In fact, I really like ice cream and I am a DIE HARD FAN of the Mövenpick Swiss ice cream. It’s the best brand of ice cream out there and I can assure you, that there is no one that loves Mövenpick more than I do.

It’s a great brand of ice cream in that is has a unique flavour, extra creamy without a ‘fake chemical’ taste, enough sugar to make it sweet, not enough sugar to make it sickly sweet and they also have incredible flavours.

There is a Mövenpick ice cream store at the end of Pyrmont Walking Bridge in Sydney and tonight I stopped in for a scoop of ice cream. As I went to order, the extremely brilliant sales girl sensed some hesitation on me when I reluctantly ordered just ‘one scoop’.

She knew I wanted two and she gave me that little nudge saying:

  • “Come on, get two scoops. You deserve it. You’ve worked hard”

I did! It was great. As I walked home I realised, I just got sold too and I loved it.

Why was she successful? It’s because she understood what I was thinking and targeted my exact motives. She knows I work hard, and I wanted it; so she pushed me in the ‘right’ direction. She also had the strength to ask and she was extremely savvy.

My advice and thinking? Know your customers and know when to sell. It just works and also check out Mövenpick. It’s a great product, made by a top company with a great working culture (BTW, I don’t actually know that, but I know it’s true judging by the ice cream quality).

I love their work, stay awesome friends and keep selling!