The funniest and strangest CROSS SELL ever!

Toilet cleaner must be the best CROSS SELL ever!

Toilet cleaner must be the best CROSS SELL ever!

I have seen and heard many things over my many years of life.

From staying in some of the most prestigious 5 Star Hotels in the world, to sleeping in the back of my car parked along the beach; I have had a wonderful life of living in many settings.

Talking Sales & Marketing, today must have been one of the strangest and funniest Cross Sells I have ever had offered to me despite my many great experiences.

I was with my family, purchasing some baby products at the wonderful Chemist Warehouse. Chemist Warehouse is a great business and where I like to make lots of my purchases. From razors, to soap and recycled Bamboo Wood Tissues; they have the lot and I love them.

As we were checking out, we got the best cross / check out sell ever:

–          “Would you like to purchase some toilet cleaner for just $2.99?”

So yes, on the counter, they had this high concentration toilet cleaning product (which I am sure is exceptional) and they were offering it to everyone. It was quite odd, in that we took it as a funny accusation as to the hygiene of our own Water Closet.

I have no idea how effective the promotion, however I can tell you that it’s a funny odd cross / check out sell.

My advice and thinking? If this promotion is going great for Chemist Warehouse, then full power to them! If the numbers aren’t the best in this promotion, I would suggest them to cross sell something more common for all at the checkout. Perhaps some Tic-Tacs, a travel pack of tissues or even some lip balm?

But no, toilet cleaner ????

Funny, I love their work, power to Chemist Warehouse and stay awesome friends!