Avoiding Peak Hour Traffic

For what we do what we can to AVOID PEAK HOUR!

For what we do what we can to AVOID PEAK HOUR!

As I write this blog, I am sitting outside a Church in the beautiful North Shore Suburb of Mosman, Sydney. Its’ a great suburb and I am parked right behind the shopping centre.

I AM NOT KIDDING one bit when I say that the traffic is all backed up in peak hour. The main road is moving at about 2 cars per 5 minutes and I made the executive decision to write my blog whilst I wait for peak hour to clear.

What I have found critical in Sydney (or any big city) is doing what you can to avoid peak hour traffic. It’s frustrating and dead time where I love doing what I can do avoid it. Of course, at times we have no choice, but when we do, these are my top tricks:

–          Public Transport: Trains are my favourite as traffic as no impact.  Buses, meh! Not a fan. Ferries are cool (if possible).

–          Book meetings around Peak Hour: If I can book a meeting to get around peak hour I will, makes life much easier.

–          Go for Sydney CBD: I love meeting people in the CBD for meetings and it works. If there is say a hub wherever you are, try and have your meetings there. It can help minimise getting stuck on the other side of town and being caught in peak hour.

–          Leave early: I get out of home early all the time and go to the location and spend time on the phone / chill out.

–          Wait till peak hour passes and be productive: As I am caught on the other side of town during peak hour, I am chilling out writing my blog. Way better than getting caught on the Motorway.

My advice and thinking? Avoid peak hour! No fun and, I love breadsticks. Yes, I am eating them now to help keep me going and I LOVE IT.

Thank you for the read, although I love Sydney, I SAY NO TO PEAK HOUR!