I look forward to my book being a powerful and intense thriller of Marketing Knowledge.  We shall see of course! I promise it to be Raw and Real!

I look forward to my book being a powerful and intense thriller of Small Business Marketing Knowledge.  I so hope you enjoy it and I promise to work hard to make it as energizing as a Hot Cup of Coffee and not a Hot Chocolate late at night.  Thank you for you support too awesome business community, I couldn’t do it with out your fine support!

I so love Small Business Marketing and guess what? A book is coming.  Sure, the mighty stack of papers brewing may be an “Extreme Claim” if I don’t keep up.

I can at least show you page 1 of my new book that will probably slowly be cooking over the next year or so.  Over the past 6 – 12 months I have been inundated with everyone telling me that I suck and they are going go write a massive book of some form.

I then started blogging (properly about January 2013) and it has been amazing for my business.  Since then, I have been taking the view that “Blogging” is way better than a “Book”.  My argument has been based on the fact that if you sit there and write a book, you get NO BENEFIT for like 12 months or so till it’s released!

Again, I do see a benefit to a book and I started thinking very carefully of  how to get both.  So I thought:

– “Write my Book and Every Page Post it to my Blog!”.

Sure, it may take a year or so – but its coming! Below if my first page awesome people and thank you from Edward Zia!

Marketing Yourself on the Street Corner

101 Lessons Small Business Marketing Lesson from “The Crazy Persian”

** This book is dedicated to Amazing Strong Women from once in my life. Chrissy and Sandy you were two awesome people who always did the right thing against circumstances not in their favour. May you both Rest in Peace and my Strength today is inspired by you both! **

I have lived many lives. Even though I am 35 as I start writing this novel (which is Non-Fiction of course), I have had many extreme positive & negative experiences that have accumulated in my life. From being Homeless to Owning Investment Properties, to the joy of getting the YES from Proposing to being out in on the Street, to watching my partner die once to saving others – I am grateful for the colourful life I have led to this date.

Obviously the title of my book is slightly provocative and is an obvious reference to Prostitution. In my early days I worked for the Government doing “Special Projects” and later on in life I went through a reformation in my life. At the time I was living in Hobart, Tasmania (a Small Island Community on the Southern Tip of Australia) and joined a Local Church. I got right into it and working with Street People again. In once getting a taste of what it’s like to have no family with nowhere to go, on a deep subconscious level I could always relate to people down on their luck (even when I was earning 6 Figure Salaries in my old Corporate Days).

In my time working for the Government and later on helping people from a Christian viewpoint I have known and befriended many Prostitutes in my time. Quite often people in Law Enforcement and Intelligence would do their best to build relationships with these members of society. They often know “The Word on the Street” and are surprisingly knowledgeable as to what is going down. In this line of work, you would speak with them quite often!

Obviously throughout human history this has been a “Pink Elephant” of Society that has been often vilified, yet we hear stories all the time of “Very Successful” people being caught late at night (or very early in the morning) getting a certain type of service in exchange for money.

In getting to know women who were “On the Game” I have seen all types of sorrow and stories. From girls who were say being abused by their father, to wind up on the game being exploited by a pimp – to quite “Normal” women doing it as a night job with high class clients – these people are the “Ultimate Marketers”.

Without putting light on sometime serious issues, there is a saying that if you are say drop your price too much “You are prostituting yourself”. To the contrary, some of the working girls I was friends with in my past were the opposite – especially the high class ones would charge thousands for brief encounters.

When you are friends with women working the game, you get a very unique perspective on life that you just can’t get from anyone else. On a regular basis they will engage in acts with all types of people. From people wanting some fun and experience, to those who are married, to high class celebrities and “Pillars of our Society” up to no good and trying to avoid the public eye. These women can be very funny, call things as they are and they are complete realists.

Looking back on my experiences much later in life, I realized how these women were brilliant marketers! Without applying any judgement you have to put this into some type of perspective here – they would sell their bodies in a regular basis. Some for mere $50 and some I knew for $2,000 / Hour and upwards – just talking those numbers alone you have a 4,000% difference in pricing.

Reflecting as a Small Business Marketing Mentor today working Sydney, it has got me thinking about these old stories of my past that oddly relate to my experiences today. If I reflect back to how I started my own business and the challenges I endured – as I was going through all them I knew one day I was going to tell my story. What you are and will be reading is what I wrote over a good year or two. Slowly writing my thoughts down and sharing it page by page throughout my Blog “THE EDWARD FILES”.

What I can promise you is that as you read these words it is “The Good”, “The Bad” and “The Ugly”. Painful and Pleasurable Lessons as I built my business – working the mean competitive streets of Sydney, Australia and building my own business and helping other awesome people do the same.

In my own reflections in this memoir as it will, I have gone through some of my post awesome (yet painful learnings) and the powerful lessons I have learned about business. They are not necessarily in any particular order and being a fellow who likes to cut to the chase, I have written it in the same way. One can flick through the short lessons and pick up what is relevant to them. Sure, you will read some and think “Come on Edward, Crossed that Bridge and keep up with me” but then one may be “Say, I needed to hear that!”

That is exactly how I am with books too, everyone has different accumulated experiences in life and we may learn different lessons at different times, or interestingly enough have the same lesson – but take a totally different experience away.

The truth of the matter is that Small Business Marketing and Entrepreneurship is Part Art & Part Science.

Am I correct? Do I know what I am talking about? That is for you to judge but I promise to give pure facts and reality from my “Crazy Persian” viewpoint.



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