Beware of the False Prophets.  A great Biblical line which I think when applied to business speaks the world of truths.  As I write my book, I reflect on many mistakes and learning's for me here!

Beware of the False Prophets. A great Biblical line which I think when applied to business speaks the world of truths. As I write my book, I reflect on many mistakes and learning’s for me here!

Page 2 of my book was quite a dig into my past and reflecting on some of my own Small Business Marketing & Life Experiences. I am enjoying my book writing process so far! Page 2 of 300 probably.  Small Steps and one day this will be a full book of it’s own.

I hope you enjoy page 2 and thank you from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and budding author!

1. Lies, Truth and Everything Else in between

Leading by example to me is a critical aspect of Leadership. Not only from a general “Integrity” viewpoint but also that in you “Know what you are doing”. Where you give advice to others, help other people, manage your staff / contractors , suppliers and so forth – people always just pay that extra attention to people with the results.

After finishing up earlier than I expected with the Government, I finished my first piece of paper – my old Bachelor in Applied Chemistry. I really did enjoy it and as part of my studies and I was very lucky to pick up some work experience at this fantastic and massive German Chemical Company. After later on starting an Honours Research Project (which was driving me totally insane) I was very lucky to get a phone call inviting me to come back and work for them. Following a short stint in the Laboratory (which I wasn’t very good at), they gave me an awesome company car and got me out visiting massive clients. As a Young Field Chemist I would take samples of hazardous carcinogenic chemicals from swimming pool size vats, deal with poisons Hydro-Fluoric Acids where if you got more than a thimble full on you – death would be likely. And of course while I was at it I would go around offering my fine Corporate Clients such as Boeing, Qantas, Ansett, Amcor and the Royal Australian Airforce more nasty chemicals / great products.

This was a brilliant start to my career, but this was one of the first moments where I was led astray by someone with the “Right Words”, but who really had no idea and took advantage of me. During a company restructure, I had a new addition to my portfolio and this new manager who wasn’t very nice. They used to push me around, bully me, tell me off all the time and as I was still recovering from traumas from my Government days I never quite had the self-esteem to repel their domination over me.

That person really got into my head, convinced me “I suck” and was always better than me. Overtime I grew sick of their manipulation and realized they were actually starting their own company on the side and it was all a complicated setup. It was my first experience as an early Corporate being totally manipulated that way. Most of my clients at the time were in the Aviation Sector and post September 9 / 11 attacks there wasn’t an industry left.

Like a cat thrown out of a 4 story building and landing straight on their feet (I assume that be true, being a proud cat lover), I was half way through my Post Graduate in Marketing. My great friend to this day, Howard Johnson was an Ex-Police Sergeant and an amazing man – he was a Director for a Retail Franchise and gave me a job as a Marketing Manager – Full Time One. I was so happy and a massive break at the age of 24 and loved it.

Howard and I had our ups and downs but we stayed friends through it. He had an amazing story himself. As a Police Officer he worked on some extreme cases including leading the Force into Port Arthur to apprehend the evil gunman Martin Bryant at the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996.

A brilliant man who resembled a “Cow Boy / Marlborough Man” archetype helped ground me in my life and career to later come. Even when we had fights and disagreements (sometimes massive ones), I always had this amazing respect for him and his natural brilliance. Howard was very good and “Seeing through all the BS” and always knew when something wasn’t right. In that first job, he was eventually squeezed out of the company and I had some stressful times there.

The owner of the Franchise was investigated, charged and imprisoned for Federal Tax Evasion. I was interviewed by Detectives, feared for my own Freedom and this gave me a strange reminder as to my early Government days – ironically when I was on the other side.

I have always naturally been a “Street-Smart” character but some big mistakes I made earlier in life involved me drinking the “Corporate Kool-Aid” (If you haven’t heard the “Kool-Aid” expression is a reference to a very sweet American Powder Drink that has been used in various cult mass-suicides that has become an urban expression).

Whenever I went against my natural senses, say by trusting someone who I thought was a complete shonk – I would always end up on the receiving end of things. This taught me one powerful truth which I apply to this day:

Crazy Persian’s Small Business Marketing Tip #1:

“Beware of the False Prophets and Seek the Commercial Truth!”

Do I follow my own advice always? Of course I don’t – but whenever I break my own thinking here, I get very painful experiences reminding me of this truth. As much as I am a positive man with a great deal of faith in humanity, the world is full of False-Prophets that want what is best for them and not best for us.

Always make sure you get a range of views and I learnt from the Australian Government “Special Divisions” one powerhouse piece of advice, “If you see a Rat Tail, chances are there is a rat attached to it”. Make sure seek out the right advice, from the right people, with the right motive!

Understanding the mechanics the Market and what will “Work” and what “Just Won’t” takes a seeker of truth who can see beyond their own ego and desire to be right.




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