Lazy People who CAN Work but Choose NOT too: Why do we let them?

Lazy People, Making Choices and Taxes - If you are reading this, I bet we are on the same side on this issue!

Lazy People, Making Choices and Taxes – If you are reading this, I bet we are on the same side on this issue!

I am sure you and I don’t, but there are many people in our society that certainly are lazy and enjoy bleeding hard working people like you and me.

If you are reading this article already and a “Bit Offended” at what I am saying, I want to make a very clear point here.

I AM PRO-WELFARE.  Even though I am a strong capitalist I believe that we need to help those that need help.  Be it you are sick, injured, unable to work and need a helping hand – the Government should be there to do it.

I think the issue is not “Welfare or Not” – but it’s the manipulation of the system (especially in Australia).  My lovely Jude was a Single Mother till I came along, yet because she earned some money she gets less from the government than someone who chooses not to work.

I remember seeing this a lot in my early days too.  You would get people who are say Veterans, Sick, Injured who really need the money – and then you have evil people just bleeding the system because they are lazy, stupid manipulators.

I think one thing that is important in our society is that we collectively let it happen.  Don’t get me wrong, you and I are awesome (as the fact you are reading this article) but overall people seem to be “Okay” with people bludging and taking from others.  Bringing this back to a Small Business Marketing & Success type of discussion – when you work in your own business (especially when you start-up) you learn the hard way what it’s like.

I have never worked so hard before in my life, waiting for money to come it, insecure at times about where my next client is coming from (more so early days in my business) and more importantly – what savings am I making and how am I set up for the future?

Us Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs are the coolest lot I am telling you! We work hard, try to create something new and want to make our own families lives better in the process.  These evil bludgers totally suck and I think it’s time that we as a society really unite against them and make them pull their own weight.

Take the money off the bludgers and give it to Single Mums, Injured Veterans and Disadvantaged Children so they can go to school.  Don’t give it to evil people that I see purchasing Cigarettes and Alcohol while their children wear dirty torn clothes.

I hope you enjoy my rant for Easter Sunday! As only hard working awesome people read my stuff – have a Great Easter! Make sure if you see a stupid bludger, tell them to “Get a Job!”.

Edward Zia – Pro-Welfare and Pro-Hard Working Capitalist and Marketing Mentor!