The look says it all! If I meet this amazing Danish Firefighter I so will buy him a beer - or whatever he likes to drink. It's photos like these that restore my faith in humanity!

The look says it all! If I meet this amazing Danish Firefighter I so will buy him a beer – or whatever he likes to drink. It’s photos like these that restore my faith in humanity!

If you have lived my life or say worked in extreme positions (e.g. Policing, Defense, Military, Health etc) you can see many horrific things that can make even the hardest person feel it.  I think when you have seen what I seen, it can be quite easy at times to maybe think the whole world is bad – and I think it’s important to keep one’s faith in humanity.

I originally saw this image on Facebook earlier in 2014 and to me it’s one of those images that reminds me that bad & evil people totally suck and why the good & awesome always trump those guys in the end.

This article and discussion I am having – is probably one should more have with a Priest, Pastor, Rabbi or Cleric rather than myself, but I have seen some extreme (and not so extreme acts) of evil that have played out in my life.

Grant Dempsey (the MD of 4Networking Australia) is quite an insightful man and has a very deep theology and thinking about him.  He used to be a Counsellor in an older life and worked on some very extreme cases.  He made some really insightful points to me that got me thinking on a deeper level about evil people.

One point he said was that people have varying degrees of evil / bad and your effectiveness at it.  You may have someone who say is in prison for killing someone – because they went too far in say defending one of their children in getting hurt.  Based on that event you wouldn’t say they are an evil person, they may be good – but they went too far in “Self-Defence” and it became murder.

On the other hand, Grant also argued that you get people that are quite weak in nature – but are evil.  They can be the subtle jabs, the “Tall-Poppy Syndrome”, the Back-Stabbers, those who don’t pay your bills and the people that go around using others.  Sure, they aren’t murderers, but they have an evil orientation.

The Good News? Talking more on a Business Front in my own “Street-Level” experience and not so much on a “Global” level these people quite never last.  As by some of my previous posts, you can tell that I got taken advantage of by some of these type of people – but what I have noticed over time, is that they rarely succeed.

Sure, there are some bad people in positions of power – but as things unfold for me, more often – the truly successful leaders have a “Good / Awesome” and not an “Evil / Bad” orientation.

As per the Danish Firefighter (who I so owe a beer too) he was a man that is probably not getting paid anything near a woman-hating Rugby Player from New South Wales – but he put his own life on the line to save an animal and someones pet.

That dude is cool! Easter Saturday now as I write this article! Happy Easter to you all and if you read this a long time later, well Happy Easter for your next one coming up!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Man who loves the Good and The Awesome!



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