Thank you Urban Dictionary for the Definition of Snow Job.  I love them and they have some great meanings for modern day terms!

Thank you Urban Dictionary for the Definition of Snow Job. I love them and they have some great meanings for modern day terms!

I love the term “Snow Job”. I heard it many years ago in my Chemical Industry Days and as a Small Business Owner & Entrepreneur it has that extra meaning and significance.

I use it all the time and I have finally done some desk research to best define it. With thanks to the Urban Dictionary, “Snow Job” means:

“An effort to deceive, overwhelm, or persuade with insincere talk, especially flattery.”

For example, “The entire presentation was a complete snow job.”

This is the best thing ever and in reflecting back on 2013 and the start of my business, people doing “Snow Jobs” on me has been the most common form of deception which I have fallen for. This makes sense actually, dominating me / attacking directly never works to well (as I do it right back), so many have done this to me.

Lately, I have been feeling a “Bit Stupid” about the successful tricks people have played on me, but as per talking to the amazing and lovely Jude Dowsett – we have been sharing many stories about people doing “Snow Jobs” on us.  We were sharing some good ones, and here are ones for fun to share with the world:


– A client using me for way extra hours and saying they will pay me out.  When I asked they just stopped and never helped back.

– Letting someone quite early on in my business talking me into working for free without any remuneration and them tell me it was always coming.

– Investing in a friendship that was very one-way and whenever I bought it up, they would always accuse me of being “Paranoid”.  They eventually unfriended me on Facebook.

[Lovely Jude]:

– Being told a course and skills will make them lots of money, only to learn most content was incorrect and could be easily learned on YouTube.

– Being over-ruled and convinced to spend lots on a office that just wasn’t required and involved her just working for the landlord.

– Being told that she “Doesn’t” know any better and she is an ineffective mother who is just over protective of her son.

And the list goes on! I have really enjoyed the discussion and when I speak to other people, they have stories of fine Snow Jobs played on them.

Today has been an interesting one, I was feeling a bit of shame and guilt – but now I have spoken it over, it’s par for the course these days.  In reflecting too on awesome business people I have worked with, they have all learned “Savviness” the hard way too!

Where I think most people go wrong is that THEY DON’T LEARN.  We all get Snow Jobs played on us at some point and the trick is to protect yourself, admit you have been played for the fool, admit the shame and move on!

My own advice from a day reflecting on this topic.  I have written this article on Good Friday (Easter) and I must say it’s one great time for reflection.

Happy Easter if you read this article soon and if it’s years from now, hope a holiday isn’t too far away for you!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor & Man who has had plenty of Snow-Jobs played on him! x x



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