The Entrepreneurs Glorious Journey

With strength, drive and style - Vanessa Bestetti's journey inspired me. I love her work!

With strength, drive and style – Vanessa Bestetti’s journey inspired me. I love her work!

I am good at spotting talent. I fact, I’m great at it!

Over the many years I have been in business, it has been my job to spot the best in people, work with the right people and help point them in the best direction to achieve their own definition of victory.

Today I have been continuing this journey and observing how brilliant people just tick and the journey that many of us go through as Entrepreneurs.

This all started for me a few weeks back in one of our wonderful workshops. There was an incredible concentration of wonderful people where I got to meet the dynamic Vanessa Bestetti.

I went to visit her today in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and we spoke about many things to do with Digital Marketing, starting businesses, serving clients and finding high value profitable clients.

Vanessa really inspired me and got me thinking about how we first come up with businesses and how one thing just leads to another. She started her Digital Marketing Agency, found wonderful clients, has done an incredible job and now she has paved the way for her next power moves.

Getting more clients, massive market exposure and more; as Vanessa does this more and more, her own journey shall gain  momentum, speed and further unfold. This process seemingly replicates and when done well, we go from win to win often at times not reflecting on how far we have come.

If I look at my own success today, that has come off the back of many smaller wins gradually building on each other. My future wins of course will most likely follow a similar process (give or take a few massive breaks).

My advice and thinking? Just start your journey and get into your business. If you are already going and stuck, it’s time for a massive shake up to bring your next win in.

As we win more, we get energised and it keeps the momentum up. I am pumped with what the wonderful Vanessa is up too. I know how to spot talent and I am going to smile as she wins big and goes through the endless yet rewarding entrepreneurs journey.

Love your work, thank you for the read and love your work Vanessa Bestetti!