My Desktop, Microsoft Surface, Vault Boy and Honey the Cat. They all help me get more done!

My Desktop, Microsoft Surface, Vault Boy and Honey the Cat. They all help me get more done!

If I reflect back on why my business is working, how I can get stuff done and the like – there are lots of reasons for consideration. One key foundation that has supported my marketing has actually been that of ‘superior technology’.

This is basically a reference to having quality phones, computing, mobile internet and having it all beautifully linked with cloud computing, synchronized emails and all the productivity software I could ever ask for.

What this all means is that it has given me is:

– Rapid Response: I get back to my clients email ASAP.

– Useful Downtime: Let’s say I have an hour to kill here and there, no sweat! Emails done.

– Great Social Media: Videos just rock on my phone and look the treat.

– Something to Demonstrate: I can show it to my clients.

– More time and more sales!

In short, there is no way I would have the success that I have without the technology I have. This includes my Microsoft Surface, my Samsung Galaxy S7, Telstra Mobile Internet and my Touch Screen Windows 10 Desktop at home.

I can get work done quickly, market incredibly well, keep my customers happy and stay incredibly productive keeping my costs low and my stress low! It works just great and my awesome friend Edward Wright (from Wrighton Computer Services) just makes this all possible.

Including my website too – it rocks, so it helps bring me lots of high value clients.

My advice? Your business success starts with it’s foundation. Technology / IT is a huge part of that. It allows me to create whatever I need to do that leads to smiles, success and stuff done.

Microsoft stuff is the best and I am a massive fan of Google / Android / Samsung phones. Get the best and it shall return whatever you spend in droves.

Love your work, thanks for the read, thank you Edward Wright and stay awesome!



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  1. Hi Edward,

    Thank you for this short and sweet success tips, as always!

    I cannot agree more about having a great foundation! I first struggled with creating my own website! HUGE mistake! Then, I struggled with improving it stage by stage and trusting various not-so-reliable people to do the job. At last, I have a blog that can function but it is nowhere near a top quality one!

    My advice is that when someone has expertise in particular area, buy them lunch and listen to their advice! Fast track your success by aligning with the right mentors who can help you stay away from the common mistakes!

    Love your work, Edward!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

    • Thank you Viola and love your work. I completely agree with you and the better we get it, the more powerful we get.

      Great thinking and love it!

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