Talking new words with Edward: “NOTHING BURGER”

'Nothing burgers' refer to those arguments weak of substance. Where this was a wonderful burger which I enjoyed.

‘Nothing burgers’ refer to those arguments weak of substance. Where this was a wonderful burger which I enjoyed.

On a totally unrelated note to Marketing; I have noticed that in the past 12 – 24 especially we have seen lots of new words & phrases come into the global English Language.

From Fake News, to Tenacity, to Trump, to Immigration, to Borders, to Patriotism; sure these may have been words in existence but what they mean to people know is totally different.

For example, I consider myself a ‘Male Feminist’. Saying this about 10 years ago was quite cool and people thought I was about equality. If I say it now, I have to bring out a shovel to dig myself out of a hole of people thinking that I am a purple haired Arts Major with a nose ring and an iPad at Starbucks living in my parent’s basement.

One new word I have found really really funny and started even using is “Nothing Burger”. I originally heard it when described in toxic US Media Politics. It was used in the context of when you are expecting something big and something ‘meh’ comes out. It’s not so much bad, but just you get something incredibly average when you are expecting the exceptional.

According to our wonderful friends at Oxford Dictionaries, it means:

  • “Something that is or turns out to be insignificant or lacking in substance. ‘another nothingburger of a debate’”

This makes great sense to me in that I have had many Marketing and non-Marketing debates with people which were ‘nothingburger’ of debates. I’d make a point and have proof, results, numbers and the like; where I would get back emotional arguments that don’t actually have anything to counter what I am saying.

It’s a wonderful word! I really love it and for whatever reason it’s stuck in my language. It’s a ‘nothing burger’ is just a wonderful way to describe weak arguments, lack lustre thinking and I think it’s wonderful.

My advice and thinking? Start using it in common day language. You will get some cheap and expensive laughs.

Love your work, thanks for the read and I hope you don’t think my reasoning is a ‘nothing burger’. This blog is written with love you know (lol).

God bless your heart and stay awesome.