The Feet in the Water at Woy Woy Bay was just lovely  - a great place to relax and come up with new ideas!

The Feet in the Water at Woy Woy Bay was just lovely – a great place to relax and come up with new ideas!

The longer I am in business, the more successful I get and the more I am realizing the importance of taking time out. For me and many of my awesome colleagues (especially in a big city like Sydney) – it’s only to easy to just get caught up in ones work and also the “Daily Grind” so to speak.

For me, this Easter has been a great chance to back off on the workload, do light / fun type of work, spend time with friends & loved ones as well and really ponder where I am going in my business, my life and also the “Big Things” I need to do to get what I want.

I think that as we go along in business, it’s very easy at times to perhaps slightly “Lose our Way” and by taking time out of say doing lots of production – it gives us the chance to really look over what we are doing in an objective manner and come up with great solutions.

In my case, my Consulting Business is rocking with much of my thinking being focused on building residual income, driving membership sales and even contemplating an Online Mastermind Group where I can help more people in a more leveraged manner say next year. For many of my clients doing the same – lots are in positions where they are making big massive decisions and taking time out is giving them the chance to do that.

Without being a psychologist (nor pretending to be) – I think it’s as simple as this.  Our poor brains are usually overloaded with multiple tasks in our business and by not having to worry about them – it gives us the opportunity to allocate our brain space to much more useful topics.

Be it creating new products, solving big problems, working out how to expand the business and even getting tons of “Little Things that Bother You” taken care of once and for all.

My advice and thinking? Enjoy your weekends and take time off for holidays / relaxation as much as you can.  This may be just annual for some of you, or in some cases something you may able to do even once a month.  For me, I probably don’t take as many breaks as I should – but when they do, they rock! I leave feeling better with tons of new profitable ideas.

Love your work! Thank you for the read and of course check out my Course >> The Awesome Marketing Vault!



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