Successful Marketing in an EXTREME RANGE of environments!

From the Boardrooms to Bars, I get to meet many wonderful different people every day!

From the Boardrooms to Bars, I get to meet many wonderful different people every day!

It was only yesterday that I was thinking about how ‘extreme’ my days can get. I can go from talking to someone in a shop in Parramatta, sitting in a Boardroom of a multi-millionaire client, running an event with ambitious entrepreneurs and then winding up at an event full of suits – ALL IN ONE DAY!

I have started to really notice that in terms of the different spaces all of us may operate in within a given timeframe in that how it requires almost a ‘switch’ on your brain to help us quickly change to suit where we are.

With the way I dress, I am very consistent in my look. Of course, I may put on a suit every now and then (every now and then!), but I love to wear my standard Tech Entrepreneur outfit with my ‘trademarked’ Army Hat.

Most people love it, the odd person thinks I am some kind of right-winger Pro-Trump nut job (as if that is true?) and I feel great wearing it.

My conversations can get incredibly diverse and pivot very quickly. I remember once time at NSW BC I was speaking to a very cool guy who owns and rents out Houseboats in Gosford. Then immediately after, I met one of the General Managers for Microsoft Asia Pacific and it was very funny how quickly I had to shift my speak, style and approach (I had 10 seconds).

The lesson from this all is having a strong sense and ability to adapt quickly to different situations and people. I often like to actually be quiet when I first someone to figure out there style and then when I ‘get them’ I then speak to them and do my best to connect. That makes all the difference.

My advice and lessons? Be agile, adaptive and bend like a ‘reed in the wind’. Everyone is different and it’s a great move to hear people out, figure out their thing and do your best to align with them.

Of course, you meet the odd person who doesn’t like you (I call them racists lol), and that is totally awesome. Just avoid them.

Talking to the positive though; always spend your time and energy with the right people and be ready to tweak your approach and follow the conversation. The better you do this is the more fun, great times and wins you shall have.

Love your work, thank you for the read and Giulia Coletti – you are my inspiration for this article.

Enjoy, adapt fast and win big wonderful friends!