Let negativity DRIVE your Marketing

It's not like I ask to be trolled or anything.

It’s not like I ask to be trolled or anything.

I had a wonderful experience where I was thinking I haven’t been ‘trolled’ in a while. I used to get trolled all the time online and part of me was starting to get actually concerned that no one has attacked me online recently.

Considering I reach over 50,000 people per month I was thinking “Wow, am I getting boring?”, “Have I really got all the bad people out of my life?”, “Is my content that untouchable?”.

Then eventually I got trolled, but it was just ‘light’ in a group. It was just someone asking me to go away which was nothing compared to some of the great posts I have had. I of course blocked the negative sod and I felt really really happy that finally a critic has noticed me.

I tend to look at things in that if I am not getting trolled, it means I am not going hard enough in what I do. What I felt though was the psychological impact it had on me:

  • It made me want to post more!

I then did exactly that putting out more posts, speaking to more people and I started thinking about how I treat criticism differently. In the old days, critique like that would have shook my world where these days, it helps fire my passion to do more and more.

This thinking is extremely important to develop if you are getting into your Marketing in that many of us are incorrectly conditioned by society to slow down when we get criticised. When it comes to Entrepreneur Marketing, it is the opposite!

As we get attacked, trolled and the like – this is the time to speed up. It’s important to teach your critics a lesson (in that they can’t silence you) and also it helps condition your subconscious mind to actually go harder when the world tries to pull you down. I have worked very hard to condition myself this way and it rocks.

My advice and thinking? Make tall poppy syndrome and being criticised your awesome friend. When people attack you, it’s time to get more tenacious, smarter, active and go harder. As you do that, more people flock to your cause and like all great marketing; you repel the losers and attract the winners.

Let negativity and positive be both your fuel. It just rocks.

Love your work, stay awesome and here is to punishing trolls with our resolve.