Success, FUN and getting into new circles

Great people are where you find them! (Credit to Michelle Tissot and Parramatta Chamber)

Great people are where you find them! (Credit to Michelle Tissot and Parramatta Chamber)

If you have been following me on Facebook over the past few months, (I hope) you may have seen quite a new direction for me. These days I have been doing my utmost best to get into new circles, meet great new people and break out of my old sandbox.

Every time I have broken out of my own business / social circle in business things have just grown beautifully and it was about October 2016 last year where I decided to do the same again.

I have had the busiest Christmas ever and if I look back over my past few years of business – every time I got ‘stuck’, I broke out of it by doing new things, meeting new people and new moves.

There is this strange pattern of behaviour that has impacted me and many in that you can get ‘comfortable’ where you are. In the early days of my business, I used to run 4Networking events in Sydney. We got massively successful and even in that experience I got too big for the sandbox.

At that time I broke in Parramatta Chamber which then paved the way for me to later on get into NSW Business Chamber, British Chamber and the like.

What I have found and proven financially in 2016 (especially towards the end) is how it’s critical to keep working your way up and get into new environments. From hitting other small awesome Chambers (like Manly Chamber of Commerce) to massive awards nights; every time you get out there and meet new people you become that little bit more successful.

In massive hindsight, I wish I got into more networking environments a lot earlier. Right from social gatherings on Meetup to the serious Chambers – you can never meet enough people.

It only takes one to see you to hire you, to refer you or one to give you that motivational nudge to keep you hitting the road hard.

My advice and thinking? Always be going to new places and meeting new people, be cool and add value to their lives anyway you can. You will never get stale, you will always have a smile and it will keep a flow of new clients and fans your way.

Love your work, thank you to Meetup Groups and the Chambers for your kindness to me and stay awesome!