Juanita Jamsari from the Malaysian Students' Council of Australia and Edward Zia (Myself).  Spending time with these amazing students reminded me of how fun it is working with people who appreciate you the way you appreciate them!

Juanita Jamsari from the Malaysian Students’ Council of Australia and Edward Zia (Myself). Spending time with these amazing students reminded me of how fun it is working with people who appreciate you the way you appreciate them!

If you have read some of my previous articles I had one rocking Birthday the other week.  Not so much a Birthday of “Cake & Fun” but more of a Birthday of some people giving me a hard time and me standing up to them in awesome style.  Cutting a long story short, since I have been in business for a few years I have found myself in shared projects / situations which started well, but in a few they ended up with people taking advantage of me.

Be it clients who stop paying their bills (but expect you to keep working for them), referral partnerships you enter where you end up sending a stack of business one way but getting nothing in return, or say Committees where you end up just giving your heart & soul and end up not getting it back x x

Talking to the positive, I learned some great things out this painful experience.  When you are in business (and life in general) you got to be very careful that you are helping people that really appreciate you.  This statement may sound quite superficial / petty in the way I have expressed it, but when things play out I find more often that not that if you enter relationships where you are being used, it can really de-motivate you and take all your time away.

With one Committee I left on my birthday – ultimately I was working with a group of people that had very little appreciation for me.  They loved my free time, labour and the promotion I would give them – but when it came to the crunch, in terms of my own business they have very little care for me.

That morning when I sent off the “I am out and it’s enough” email, I felt my immediate Birthday Joy wash all over me.  All the stress and the pain was gone for good and I loved it!  I was not making any money there and it was no fun for sure.

Then contrasting it with a super positive experience, about 1 week later I spoke to tons of students at the Malaysian Students’ Council of Australia (MASCA).  They invited me to be one of their guest speakers and they were so nice and awesome to me.  Juanita Jamsari who helps run things there promoted me like crazy, everyone was kind to me (and it made me feel good) and even better – at the Networking Dinner I made at least 5 x Awesome Contacts.

Strangely enough, when I contrast the Student experience versus the Other Committee – the pay-off was totally different.  The students made me feel good, appreciated how I helped them and it contributed to my business.  The others who had little respect for me in that regard made me feel the direct opposite – and the commercial numbers didn’t support what I was going there either.  I get they have a job to do, they technically don’t have any “Mandate” to be nice to me – but then I have the right to choose what I do and who I spend my time with.

My advice and learning from this experience is that make sure (as much as you realistically can!) you surround yourself by people that appreciate you the way you appreciate them.  You are much more likely to make money, have a great time, build your own knowledge and enjoy your business.

The same goes for friends too I think – we have all had selfish friends that suck, but Awesome Friends that are well – Awesome!

And speaking of Awesome of Course, make sure you check out my Online Sales & Marketing Course, “The Awesome Marketing Vault!”  From success ideas in mindset to pure strategy, I trust you will love it!

Thank you for the read awesome friends and have a great day or night everyone!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who loves Appreciating Awesome People!



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