Helping People Proves you are Strong and Awesome! Go The Rock!

Helping People Proves you are Strong and Awesome! Go The Rock!

I love “The Rock”.  He is one of the few celebrities out there that I think is a normal person who has really used his fame to help people and do the right thing.  I certainly look up to him as a role model / personal hero in quite a few respects and I saw this gem come through on his Facebook Page.

This image really sparked my imagination and thinking from several points of view:

1) My life is all of a sudden “Mysteriously Working” as I help other people.  I so believe in the view that “If you help enough people achieve their dreams you achieve your own”.

2) Weak People are the ones that put people down.  The people that have put me down in my own life are never successful.  People who are way more successful than me have done nothing but lifted me up.

For example, these days I get a lot of dirty politics aimed my way.  From people backstabbing, to those that had posed as my friends to use me, to those that try and keep me out of certain social groups – as I think back, none of them are more successful than me.

In fact, if I consider people that are successful, e.g. Karen & Grant Dempsey, Jim Vass, Jude Dowsett, Daniel Doherty, Edward Wright, Ciaran Keating, Martha Arifin and the list goes on – they have NEVER been the ones to ever put me down.

It’s always those viscous, powerless, little animals that are the ones that like to strike in the shadows completely out of probably spite, resentment and “Tall Poppy Syndrome”.

Then bringing the Rock into it, you have a man that certainly appears successful.  The rumours you hear about his good deeds appear to be consistent with these posts and you can see a highly successful figure using their powers to lift people up.

Bill Gates too! The richest man in the world, who HAS DECIDED to go and help the developing world.  Those viscous tall poppy people are CRITICIZING him! Really? He has plenty of other choices and he is doing amazing stuff with his wealth and people are still sticking it to him.

And guess what? All those people I bet are weak, powerless and completely pathetic.

So this is a great post I think in reminding us what makes a strong person.  It’s not someone who dominates or controls, it’s someone who supports and inspires.

Now, if you have acted with this behaviour before (even I have), it’s okay and may I invite you right now to change your ways.  We have all done things we aren’t proud of and redemption is choice you can make right now.  So please consider this – forget about yourself and set your life and heart on helping other people.  Doesn’t matter what you do for a living, you can live to serve your own greed or live to serve others.  I heard a great saying which I am proving true in my own life right now “If you help enough other people achieve their dreams, so shall you achieve yours!”.

However, if you are awesome and in line with the Rock’s Image, you are lifting people enough – please move on from the last paragraph.  Keep up the great work.  You are totally awesome and I love the example your setting.  True Leader you are!

Thank you from Edward Zia! Man who loves lifting others up (and surprisingly my life works when I do that).



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