Some great films in here all at once! My Nightmares aren't nightmares at all, more liberating visions I think (love this pic and thank you to and the great artist!)

Some great films in here all at once! My Nightmares aren’t nightmares at all, more liberating visions I think (love this pic and thank you to and the great artist!)

Awesome and Inspiring Nightmare? Really Edward is what you are saying? Yes it is.  It is the 3rd night in the row I have had nightmares.  They weren’t terrifying or anything – but they were in a way “Resetting” type of nightmares that in the respect.

If you have read some of my previous posts or know me in the “Real World” so to speak, 2013 was a totally redefining year for me and the most awesome year of my life.  Had I never have been so successful, but I also dealt with lots of personal themes and challenges.  In a way, it was a very compressed year – I dealt with many things that most would probably deal with over years and it was tough – but I loved it.  I remember confronting issues impacting me and others including:

– Relationship Breakdowns.

– Dating.

– Homelessness.

– People posing as friends to use you.

– People taking your side.

– Helping others.

– Overcoming ones issues!

– Developing an Awesome Mind & Life I am proud of!

– etc.

One thing that impacted me from last year was the “Homeless” issue.  That is, to this day – the emotional fallout of losing that side of me and my “Identity” being tied up in physical objects shined some light on my thinking.  That is, my own “Personal Security” was coming from “Things” and not generated internally.  I think that form of materialism is very dangerous – hence, it wasn’t being “Homeless” that caused the pain, it was my materialistic attachment to a physical “Home” that caused me the pain.  This issue I confronted head on last week and as part of my regular prayer to JC for changing this and helping me grow, I have had revealing nightmares!

So here is my last one, including the awesome Jude Dowsett’s assisted interpretation of it:

[My Nightmare]:

I was in Vietnam, in this “Resort” that was strangely militarized.  I had to go to a Suburb in Melbourne by the name of Malvern to an important meeting and I had to get back to the Resort Lobby / Reception time.  I met with Grant Dempsey (my awesome bud and Leader of 4Networking) who told me that I needed to go back to Malvern and I must get to the lobby in time to transport there to make it.

Grant Dempsey told me that he had separated with his wife Karen Dempsey which totally disturbed and unsettled me.  I realized I was running out of time and like a Persian Assassin I was running through this massive resort trying to make the lobby. I ran through supermarkets, native “Vietnamese” markets and everyone was trying to block me.  Putting trolleys in my way, trying to distract me so I would just run around them.

I then take a “Wrong” direction and find myself outside of the resort.  I was desperate to get back in and was begging the guard.  He told me to buy a ticket (it was like a Sydney Rail type of ticket) to get back in and I so no.  As I kept begging, I felt this disgust come over me as I wanted to get back in.  Then I woke up!

[Interpretation and thanks to Jude]:

“Vietnam” to me was probably one of my primary holidays ever when I traveled there for 30 days after my Government and early Corporate Days.  A fun and revealing time – the fact they were Vietnamese was a reference to me seeking fun.

“Malvern” is quite an affluent suburb of Melbourne where my mother and I used to go as a child and I loved it there.  Wanting to go there is a desire for elements of my past and happiness.

“Grant & Karen Dempsey” were the great people that helped me get back on my feet after my old life winding up and helped create my future that I have today.  Them splitting up in my dream, was my external reliance on them moving towards myself.

The “Resort” represented my old life and I was struggling to keep it.  However, as events unfolded I started to question what I was doing and even though I wanted it back, I also resented it.

In the last moment of the dream I remember turning and looking beyond the “Resort” questioning my behaviour and thinking “What is out there?”.

[My Advice and Interpretation]:

I am hardly a guy to believe dreams are precognition or anything like that, but it’s certainly my subconscious mind trying to speak with me. I think as I am changing and consciously wanting to move on for the past, as I rest my sub-conscious mind is re-wiring itself for my new future.

So I love it! It’s 8:33AM Monday morning as I complete this article and I feel quite liberated from the nightmare.  My question is now, “Was it really a nightmare as it set me free?”.

Something to ponder and have a rocking day / night everyone!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Dreamer Now!



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