Nothing like overcoming those nerves, and delivering one awesome speech on stage!

Nothing like overcoming those nerves, and delivering one awesome speech on stage!

Public Speaking is one profitable, yet powerhouse skill that takes time to master.  As I was discussing in our previous article, who really cares if you are Corporate? You are a cog in the machine and who really cares.

But as a Small Business Owner? You may already know – that it’s a totally different kettle of fish.   Your business is YOU, up on stage it’s YOU, and the ideas being presented are owned by YOU.

The stakes are high too, you may not get many chances (especially early game) to impress so the job is to make the MOST AWESOME impression and to rock the audience in style.

Am I trying to scare you? Of course I am! But of course, scare you into preparing nicely so you just rock and get awesome results.  Be it you are just trying to make a great impression, help some people or sell products from stage – I got my own personal 10 x Tips for you in overcoming nerves – hope you love them:

1) Practice & Preparation: Even I don’t wing it these days, always prepare and this is 50% of the challenge!

2) Beautiful Handouts: Make you look good, feel good and do most of the sale!

3) Smile: Feel bad? Just smile, it makes you feel better.

4) Breathe: Take in deep breaths prior and take it easy.

5) Well Rested Perk: I can speak with 3 hours sleep, but I am a veteran.  Starting out, get well rested so you can focus 100%.

6) Focus on others: Focus on awesome people in the room and not yourself!

7) Honest Heart: Come to give.  Takes out all the pressure.

8) Don’t Sell: Just focus on awesome content, then people buy.

9) Love what you do: Passion overcomes nerves.

10) Consume positive stuff that day: No Nightmare on Elm St or Friday 13th! Just happy films and stuff.

And of course my unwritten rule, DO IT ALL THE TIME!

I can so promise you, if you keep up this fine regimen – you will be totally rocking before you know it!

Thank you for the read too and big thanks from Edward Zia! Marketing Mentor and man who loves to talk (to much x x)

P.S Thank you again to the Fallout Creators for more of their Awesome “Vault Boy” artwork I so love using in my articles!



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