Daniel Doherty at ConnectFX - One great event and thank you to Sebastian Giunta for the great photo!

Daniel Doherty at ConnectFX – One great event and thank you to Sebastian Giunta for the great photo!

10:11PM Thursday Night, Got a Mouth full of Chocolate and very lucky to be opening MC for the Amazing Daniel Doherty’s ConnectFX Business Club.  If you don’t know Daniel, his is this extremely passionate and “Casually Serious” man from the South West of Sydney who runs his business MERLINFX.

I was very lucky to meet and work with this fellow who I met at a dinner and helped him work on his first 100% own event.  I have worked with thousands of people over the years now and I have heard all sorts of amazing stories.  From the down right struggles to the massive wins, to massive injustices to people giving from the heart – I must have heard almost all extremes by now!

In terms of this event and what always interested me about Daniel has been watching him really evolve (in a short space of time) in an Entrepreneurial Respect.  Although brilliant, when I first met him he was a fellow who had clearly been under appreciated and taken advantage of. I don’t mean so much in an abusive way, but a fellow who has just been “used” and just simply not appreciated for years on end.

This I can only relate too.  For years (due to my old poverty mindset discussed in other articles) I was always the door mat in life.  From “friendships”, to early on in my business I have had people just use and use me.  I have learned some very powerful lessons about that and in a different respect, I think that many people just took advantage of Daniel’s kind heart, brilliant skills and generosity without giving back.

Hearing his story (and seeing it backed up with evidence) made me certainly pick up his plight and it also made me reflect on my own history and people doing that to me.  Daniel although has been a serious networker, he has always been donating himself to other people. Tonight it was great watching him run his OWN event, doing it his OWN Awesome way and contributing to the Sydney Business Community.

I think tonight he will be celebrating after running a brilliant event and to me it is certainly bringing quite a smile to my dial.  Daniel has taken a great personal stand against people oppressing him in a very positive way – by creating a new event to help serve the community better than the people original putting their boot to his throat.

I had a recent experience too (in which I fought back with guns blazing) where I had the same thing.  I spend my energy and time supporting a bunch of people that just simply took advantage of me.  The good news is that in being through this process several times, I could adequately defend myself and stop the people doing any more harm against me (and also make sure my friends are being protected too).

Beyond Daniel and my own experiences, I think there is too much “Dog eat Dog” going on out there.  Jim Vass who is this amazingly success business man who I interviewed (dig a month or two earlier in my blog) made a great point:

– “Whenever you do business with someone, make sure there is a drink left in it for them”.

Jim practically meant give back to people that give and make sure it’s fair.  There is too much people who are just “All Take” and “No Give”.  Like Daniel being bled by people that don’t care for him and appreciate his hard work and honest heart, a group of people mobbing me recently (but bring them on I say! I am very good at defending myself these days) I think it’s critical to ensure you don’t wind up like I once did as a doormat for everyone else.

My advice? If you are under the boot of too many people follow Daniel’s Leadership.  He made an ethical and positive stand for his own rights and CREATED an amazing event to help everyone in the business community.

So my big congratulations to Daniel Doherty from one amazing event!

I bet he will be resting tonight with a fine smile!

Thank you for the read and Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Supporter of the Under-Dog off to bed now!



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