Kylie Warry - an amazing leader, brave under fire and the photos says it all (Thank you to the St. George and Sutherland Leader for the great photo and original story)

Kylie Warry – an amazing leader, brave under fire and the photos says it all (Thank you to the St. George and Sutherland Leader for the great photo and original story)

This photo tells far more than 1000 words.  Kylie Warry is an amazing, tough and aspirational leader that I have been very lucky to be friends with.  From the moment we first met, I remember first meeting Kylie and her supportive husband Marc in helping them work on their business.

I remember in a short space of time, seeing Kylie just “Normally” working away and then watched her in real-time go through the tests, the results, the nerves, the fear, the original chemotherapy and then surgery.  What I also saw was the rise of Kylie as a heroine who took many people’s “Last Stand” and turn it into a cause to help inspire and support other people.  I only just saw this article about her come through on Facebook the other day.

“This is Kylie Warry and this is what breast cancer can look like” came out in The Leader showing publicly (and quite visibly) what happened to her.

In my own business life, I have worked with thousands of people now over the years and seen every (well almost!) type of character.  I have seen people who have it all with all the abilities in the world just blow it and waste their god given talents – and then you get the rare Hero / Heroine’s like Kylie.  As they face their last stand, they sure – feel fear like anyone else, buy the just handle themselves with a god given grace.

It’s interesting that this article so much didn’t get my thinking about my own mortality as I think most would – seeing her photo and reading it got me more considering my own life as to when I have had “It all” and failed to use it.  I had an amazing life full of opportunities before the Global Financial Crisis and I never harnessed it.  This ultimately led to my own career, relationship and financial demise – but then, led me to be the flamboyant Floral Shirt Wearing Persian Marketer I am today.

Seeing Kylie has made me think about my life at a much deeper level.  She is an amazing inspiration to be so brave, open and upright during her last stand – showing the big C who is boss!

My advice from Kylie’s amazing story? Share this on Facebook of course and spread the word! Then also put the magnifying glass in your own life and question your own behaviour.  (As I do) you will know in the areas of your life you aren’t living to the full, so decide to go hard and create the life and business you want.

My failing (not anymore but previously) was almost always being a bit chicken of making big moves, expressing my mind and “Letting” myself fully invest into an idea in case “I would fail and look bad”.  Now even admitting that in an article about Kylie & Marc’s awesomeness as a power couple makes me look very silly.

So this is it for me! I am so channeling Kylie’s bravery under fire and her amazing leadership in extreme situations.

This is it from Edward Zia! A man truly honoured to be friends with Kylie Warry and her amazing supportive husband Marc.

P.S. Make sure you Google Kylie of course! x x



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